Bringing your Spirit home…

Bringing your Spirit home…

How have YOU been? I really want to know…

What have you been dreaming of?

What seeds are you carrying in your heart and creative womb?

If we haven’t been in touch recently please tell me in the comments, hit reply, or join our body confidence movement group and we can carry on the conversation in there.

Over the past year we have been bringing our spirits home.

This last 18 months has been really intense for Bianca & I. So many amazing highs, insights and awakenings, and so many deep, sobbing moments of seeing where we have been stuck, acknowledging old pains and letting go.

My friend Katerina calls it the natural turbulence when you fly up to a new level. There’s been a lot of cosmic planetary influences to work through our emotions, let go of the past, set clear boundaries and sow the seeds of a new future. 

I’ve been on a very interesting personal journey too.

I love to go deeply into the cultural patterns and esoteric influences that affect us in our daily lives, and have been really wanting to teach that more and more. BUT… I found it hard to go into that space when I know that there are still so many women and men struggling each day with their relationship to food and their bodies.

Any grand spiritual insights are kind of pointless if you are still having issues with food, money or relationships. 

So we’re bringing these big ideas into your fridge, your lunchbox, your wardrobe, your car, your house, your body.

As we talk to our amazing Body Confidence Crusaders we are seeing these patterns embedded deeply in our cultural and religious history, and realising that this is the front line where “ascension” happens.

If you cannot live and love joyfully in a healthy body without fear of your own emotions or cravings overwhelming you, then you are not in charge of your life. You are living in fear. 

Unlike any other addiction, you cannot just go “cold turkey” on eating and never do it again. You must find a way to nourish your body, and live your life. This is where intuitive eating comes in…


Intuitive eating is actually a daily spiritual practice.


Useful Spirituality allows you to find your Spirit, God, Light, Energy, Love, Soul or Higher Wisdom in your own heart, and use your inner guidance, your In-Tuition, to guide you through the many small powerful choices you need to make in your day.

However for many thousands of years incredibly wise, powerful spiritual teachings have been distorted for power and control. The basic idea is that you are separate from God/ Spirit/Higher Wisdom and you need a middle man to connect to tell you what to do.

Religion tells us that we need a Priest to connect to God and be forgiven for our sins.

Magazine Media tells us that we need to buy things to shape, pluck, squeeze and sculpt our bodies to look like celebrities to be “worthy and beautiful”.

Secular Culture tells us that we need an Expert or Doctor to connect to own Bodies and be healthy.

 Sounds familiar.

What is the sub-text here?

Your body is a place of sin. You are not worthy.

  • You are broken and unworthy
  • You are unworthy as you are right now.
  • You need to work to be fixed.
  • You need to be punished or do penance.
  • You need to pay someone else to get advice from an expert to find out how to fix it.
  • You don’t know the answers.
  • You don’t have the power to solve this on your own.


No more!

Loving your body, exactly as it is, is actually a radical act of sovereignty.


What is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is when you own and contain the power to govern yourself.

You don’t abdicate your power or responsibility to an outside authority. 

That means you take responsibility for yourself, your choices, your actions, your results.

So many women tell me that they feel like their body has “failed them”…

I just see an example of a woman who has internalised all of those sub-texts and is feeling like she is BROKEN, and POWERLESS, when the is anything but…

Where have you been failing your body?

Where have you been avoiding the responsibilities of your life?

Where have you been hiding your gifts and talents out of fear?

The time is now for us to stop looking outside ourselves for advice, and instead to come home to the wisdom within.

To gather with like-minded souls and connect and share our wisdom with each other.

Bianca and I are committed to revealing these powerful truths, and relating it to your daily life in a way that is useful and empowers you to REMEMBER your own POWER and WISDOM.

You are not broken.
You don’t need fixing.

There is NOBODY that knows your body better than YOUR BODY.

Your body is worthy and beautiful exactly as it is right now.
 If you want to transform, begin with love.
You have all the WISDOM you need.

IF you can’t hear it yet, it just means that you need some more practice to quiet the clamouring noise of social programming & limiting thoughts in your head, you will be able to hear it.

If you want to come and hang out with us we have a Design Your Destiny retreat weekend coming up in Maleny, QLD that will finish on 11/11… If you feel the calling to join us in a few weeks, reach out and we’ll share the details with you.

with love,

Kylie x

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