But what do I EAT?

But what do I EAT?

But what do I EAT??

Whenever someone begins a mindset program with me with the intention of improving their health and body image, they invariably ask me this question: “What do I eat?” People have become so indoctrinated in the world of the expert diet fad, that they have forgotten how to make their own decisions about food.

I am not a dietician and I never offered an answer other than “Listen to your body.  Your body knows what to eat. More veggies, lean protein and water, and less processed food”. I stand by it, it’s a good general answer, because if you can do it, it really is that simple. Our body really does know!

But most people have gotten SO disconnected from their bodies that they don’t know how to read the subtle signs and signals. How do we really know if the bloating and tiredness that we’re feeling this afternoon is from the wine we drunk last night, the sourdough with eggs this morning, or the cookie after lunch?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been learning about PH360 with my buddy Dr Cam and this health technology is completely crazy awesome!

It helps you to understand yourself so deeply, by teaching you about your unique genetic make-up; but more importantly what it means for you about what types of food work best for YOU, and what to avoid.

My genes can tell me what I need to eat??

Your genetics dictate your hair colour, your eye colour, how tall you are, your dominant neuro-transmitters, and your body shape. They also dictate whether you have a pre-disposition to certain illnesses, and how your brain reacts to stress among a whole load of over things.

PH360, stands for Personal Health 360 and it’s the first cohesive model that integrates Ancient Wisdom from Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda (and many others) with Modern Science. There is no woo-woo here at all, total science. Thousands of years worth.

This program has been developed over many years with a team of world-leading (genius) scientists to help make health easy and accessible for the people of the world. How good is that! You might remember from my interview before that their goal is to eradicate chronic disease by the year 2050! Wow. Just take a second to imagine that, in 34 years NOBODY in the world having a chronic, preventable disease.  It sounds like science-fiction; but it’s closer than we think. (and it totally blows my mind!)



When you get definite, empirical evidence giving you crazy accurate information about who you are, how you think and what is best for you, it takes all the guesswork away. This tool makes self-awareness, self-acceptance, and personal growth so much easier.

We know intuitively that we are all different, but being able to see clearly WHY and HOW you are different from someone else can make all the difference between judging comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up about where you “lack”; and accepting and enjoying your natural gifts and strengths.

“Now I know that I’m not just lazy, this is my genetic make-up!”

I saw first-hand the effect of this program with two incredible ladies from this community.

These ladies have been each working with me through my Mindset programs  for a few years, they were with me at this course which they found from my earlier interview blog post. Both of them have diligently worked through my program and had insights, and personal development growth, but were still struggling with their weight. Weight loss is usually a by-product of the mindset work we do, and while I can never guarantee weight-loss (there are just too many factors involved) most of the time when you start to sort out your mindset, clear the emotional weight and create healthy habits, it does usually happen.

To be honest, I didn’t have the answers for them. I didn’t know why they we’re still struggling to shift weight even though they were working through the mindset work and eating well and exercising. It had me stumped. But thankfully now we do have the answers!

It turned out that both ladies fit into what PH360 calls a Guardian bio trend, which means, among other things, that they have a pro-lactin dominance. (You might recognise this as the breast-feeding hormone) The Guardian is genetically wired to be the super strong, selfless mama-bear, and care for others in their tribe and community.

This affects their natural pre-disposition to energy conservation and expenditure. Based on their genes, they are more likely to hold back a little in an exercise session, and want to eat an extra cookie after lunch. Why? Because the Guardian is programmed to care for their tribe and community. Because they are so giving, and so caring, they often don’t take time to look after themselves, they give, give, give. So their body thinks, “Hey, you’re so giving, if the food ever runs out, you will need extra energy to look after your family/ tribe, so let’s store some up for later.”

This bio trend is not likely to ever have that fitness model 6-pack, it is an unrealistic goal for their genes. BUT when they know that this is their wiring, and they have so many other strengths, then they can work with their genes to become healthy and look after themselves better. They can make choices that work with their unique biological make-up, instead of trying to achieve an unrealistic goal, beating themselves up when they don’t reach it and giving up on health altogether.  It means that they can reassure themselves in an exercise session: “Hey I’m safe, there’s no impending famine. I can push it out a bit more.”

I have noticed first-hand the effects of pro-lactin over the past month. I have been breastfeeding my Ollie for the past 21 months, and we have just weaned in the last 3 weeks. While I have kept up my habit of 3-4 times a week heading to the gym for an exercise session for years through both pregnancies and afterward, to say I haven’t really pushed myself lately would be an understatement. I’ve done just enough exercise to keep me moving and healthy, but not a bit more. Since weaning, my love for intense exercise has come back in full force. I found myself today doing box jumps until I nearly passed out and TRX-Mountain Climbers with my music pumping in my headphones and loved it. I can really feel the difference in my body now that the pro-lactin isn’t running the show anymore. But I digress…

When you know your genes, you can optimise.

You might think that learning about yourself in this way would give you an excuse to just give up if you’re not the kind of body type that can get fast results (and there’s a couple that will really struggle to see results no matter how hard they try with the usual methods…) But instead it allows each person to work with, and honour their individual strengths, instead of trying to be like someone who has a completely different genetic make-up.

Epi- genetics. It’s all about the environment.

The most exciting insight from science lately is the science of EPI-genetics, which tells us that you can turn on or off genetic tendencies based on the environment that you put yourself in. That means; place, time, food, climate, people, thought patterns etc.. All of these things affect how your genes express themselves, or which ones turn on, and which ones turn off.

When you know what is going to help you to be your best self, then all it takes is the right mindset to follow through, (which is what we do best!) and instead of it being some one-size-fits-all diet, it is customised precisely for YOU, so every change you make, you will really feel the effects of.

The problem with diets is that they DO work…

For some people…

The problem with most diets is that they do really work for certain bio-trends. Which is why they become popular in the first place. Some method gets great results for some people, and they shout it from the rooftops saying how great it is, and other people of a similar bio-trend also get awesome results… and then others with a different bio-trend try it and get no results at all! These people might blame themselves, give up or think they are a failure, when in fact they are just doing something incorrect for their genes!

Everyone should exercise first thing in the morning. Err… No. Not everyone.

Did you know that for some people early morning activity is awesome and will set them up for the day, and for others it is nearly impossible and will just wear them out! Some people need long, steady activity, and others work best with short, sharp bursts of high intensity and then complete rest. If you’re struggling to complete whatever program you’re on, or your energy is suffering through the day, then I’ll wager you’re doing some behaviour that goes against what is best for your genetics.

This means you’re putting your genes in an ENVIRONMENT that causes them distress, which can create stress, injury, pain, and ultimately disease.  When you know your genes then you can put them in the right environment to thrive, and thrive they will. This is why PH360 can set this big goal about ending chronic disease, they actually have the technology platform to back it up.


How does it know what my genes are?

Based on a comprehensive questionnaire about YOU, your hair, your eyes, your fingernails, your measurements, the technology can correlate and reverse engineer that information to discover your genotype.

You don’t need to do a blood test and it is amazingly accurate from these measures.

The important thing is that instead of telling you a whole bunch of sciencey terms about your genes, like you would get from a blood-test at the doctors, you actually get usable information about your health like this…

  • Eat spinach 3 times a week, because it has beta carotene that can protect skin that is pale from sun damage. It is loaded with vitamins like A, K, D, and E and a host of trace minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids making it a great food for overall health.
  • Avoid baby corn because it’s not as mature and has less nutrients, is a natural diuretic and may dry out your skin, and is a high risk of being GMO.

Here’s some of MY food list of what to eat and avoid.

Screenshot 2016-11-06 16.00.00

THIS is MY food list. It’s one of the awesome deliverables from a PH360 profile. And just to be clear, don’t YOU follow this plan. It’s just for me. If you’d like to find out your PH360 bio-trend then you need to get yourself a membership and discover your unique profile, Bio-trend and recommendations. I will be recommending a PH360 profile for all of my future health-related programs, as a complementary resource in addition to my mindset strategies and techniques, but for those of you who already have some of my programs or just want to get access to this amazing tool, I have a special offer for you.

How do I get my own PH360 profile?

The usual price for a PH360 annual membership is $297USD, but I as I am now a registered coach with the technology, I have access to some awesome discounts and bulk-buy savings that I can pass on to you! Yippee! If you would like your own PH360 program to discover and optimise your bio-trend, plus priceless training webinars with myself and PH360 expert Dr Cam explaining how to use it best, then please register for this free training webinar below to find learn more about the 6 bio-trends and how you can find out which one you are. I’ll tell you how you can get into PH360 for much less, with support and training to use it to unleash your optimal health & energy.







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