Awakening Entrepreneurs & Coaches!

Awakening Entrepreneurs & Coaches!

Why are you in a body on this planet, at this time??

What’s your planetary vision?


Hey, team! Do you know why you are in a body on this planet at this time?

I couldn’t help but do a video for you guys right now.

I’ve just been talking at the Park Hyatt for Ben Lucas’s Business of Fitness Conference, where he’s got some of the best fitness leaders in Australia together in a room. And I just gave them a talk – I gave them a bit of a shake-up actually – on what their purpose was and to connect the entrepreneurs of the world with a purpose that is much greater than just themselves.

Entrepreneurs are all about helping people, and making an impact, and making an income, and making a difference – but I wanted to step it up to a much greater level for these guys. And so I called them out on what is their greater vision, what’s their planetary vision and asked them, not just what are your values for business and why you’re in this business, but why are you here on this planet at this time.

I talked about something that I learned from my friend Jackie’s new movie that’s coming out, The Portal. She was interviewing Daniel Schmachtenberger, who’s an amazing evolutionary philosopher, he said that we are on the brink of a phase shift in humanity and it is imminently about to change and things are simultaneously getting better and worse, rapidly and at the same time.

So you can’t say that the world is getting better or getting worse because it is a planet that is destabilizing. He says that a planet that is destabilizing is leading into a phase shift.

And so, if it is leading into a phase shift then every single person is required to support the phase shift up, right? We can rapidly move to a state of much greater order or destabilize down into a state of much lower and more chaotic order, like my dear friend Yvonne would call it “dark future”.

I was calling them to connect with their planetary vision and their planetary mission to shift up so that they can connect their business purpose with their soul’s purpose, with their planetary purpose. And I offered them the insight that I’ve just recently gained that when you get a bigger vision, that you have the capacity, like why does Simon Sinek say “Start with why”?

Why do we start with why?

The why is what connects us to others and it’s what connects us to our energy source. And so the greater the why, the greater the energy source that we have the capacity to tap into, because we are moving and in service of a greater whole.

If your why is to support your local community, you can access energy at the level of your local community. If your vision is to massively impact and make a difference to the planet, you can impact and access energy at a planetary level.

Whoa! I feel this planetary energy running through my body now from the cosmic womb.

It is imperative, I believe, for awakening entrepreneurs who are suddenly feeling maybe overwhelmed or disheartened or chaotic about the state of the planet at the moment, to start to connect their personal vision for their business to a planetary mission of change.

And when each and every one of us as entrepreneurs can start to connect to our greater vision, then we can make a much bigger difference on the planet and a much bigger difference for all of the communities – and business is better as a result of that.

Conscious Capitalism

People are talking about that as conscious capitalism, working for a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The profits don’t need to come at the sake of the planet and the planet doesn’t need to come at the sake of the profits. And the people, all of us are interconnected, and so if we think of ourselves as multiple cells in the great organism of the body of God, or the body of the planet, the body of human consciousness, if each of us is a cell then wouldn’t we want to support all the other cells for the organism to thrive?

If you’re someone that’s out there, that’s just trying to get yours and who cares who you shove down along the way, then you’re a cancer in the body of the human organism.

As we start to encourage this conscious capitalism movement where we can have abundance, we can have prosperity, we can do good, we can have a great time doing it, and we can connect with the planetary energy to support the shift from this mother martyr, this wounded healer into a prosperous, sovereign soul.

I was talking to these fitness business leaders and challenging them to come up with a greater vision. Asking them why are they here in this room, why are they doing their business, why are they here in this industry, what’s their story about that, why are they here in a body on planet Earth at this time. To ask them the question of their soul: why are they here?

If you’re here listening to this message and you’re here in a body on this planet at this time, I would ask you: Why? Why are you here?

You got to get in a body at this time of radical rapid change and so we need you.

If you’re watching this message, every single person that has and is awakening to this level of consciousness needs to speak up and needs to follow their dreams and needs to get out there and do what you’re called to do.

I love this quote:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

So what makes you come alive?

What is going to make a difference to the planet is when we all start to make a difference to ourselves and stop giving in to the stories of victimhood and slavery and survival, and start to connect into the part of us that is infinitely abundant, that is infinitely prosperous.

And you only need to take the next breath to connect into the abundance that is always around us. You never need to worry where you’re next breath is coming from because Mother Earth takes care of it. So the minute that you can tap into the next breath, you can connect into the energy field of abundance that lives within all of us.

I just wanted to share some of this energy coming through because it’s very potent, very powerful. I’m really excited to step into this next phase of our mission together for the human collective and make this phase shift up and support the phase shift so that we can live on an enlightened planet.

What would that be like?

I wonder what that would be like.

So excited to have you guys with me and sharing this energy with me! It’s really beautiful.

I only had a short time, and so I shared with them the 7 Levels of Manifestation and Creation. These levels are connected to the Chakra System. And if you’ve heard of Spiral Dynamics, which tracks the evolution of consciousness through civilizations and values through civilizations.

When you overlay Spiral Dynamics and the Chakra System and David Hawkins’s Levels of Consciousness, you get the most amazing map to be able to laser in on exactly what is blocking your manifestations. It’s just like we’re tapped into this infinite source of creative abundance and prosperity and grace and love and creative thoughts and visions.

But somehow it gets blocked from up here down into manifest reality and we abort our ideas, and we sabotage our ideas, and we procrastinate on what we know we need to do.

That is an indication that you are blocked at one of these levels, one of these energy gateways.

If your energy gateway is blocked at any one of these levels, then the creative flow can’t get through. It can’t get through and so you can’t embody the fullness of your soul’s mission in this physical body on this planet at this time.

We need you.

We need all of us. Everyone. We need everyone who has this capacity, who has this yearning. We all have the capacity – but anyone who has the awakening to even be listening to this message, we need you. We need every single enlightened soul on this planet to be calling in their visions, to be manifesting and grounding this higher frequency energy on this planet at this time. We need you.

What I’m so excited about is this new method and process that has been revealed to us, to human consciousness through my friend Dane. It’s this overlaying of these incredible wisdom systems into one cohesive system that creates a really powerful tool for lasering in on where stuff gets stuck and where the gates get blocked.

I’m so excited to bring this to entrepreneurs who have a bigger vision, who want to make a difference, and who are excited about and yearning to make that difference.

If that’s you, let me know. Reach out to me because I have a couple of spaces opening up to do this clearing work with entrepreneurs who are called to make a bigger difference.

And I’ve just decided last night after an inspiring session with my friend Zapheria, who is an incredible channel and a womb healer. She took us on this journey, this shamanic journey into the cosmic womb, it was so beautiful. That night as I was driving home, I got some insights, some inspiration that came through, and I’m going to open up a collaborative coaching community for everyone out there who is…

People are waking up.

There’s a surge of coaches. It’s one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. And I believe that it is growing so much because people are waking up. They’re waking up to personal growth, they’re waking up to their mind, and the ability that the mind has to change their reality. And so, more and more coaches are out there in the world.

Lots and lots of different coaches have different methods – one does this and one does NLP, one does meta-coaching, one does Reiki, or one does kinesiology. There’s all these different methods.

And if you follow me on my personal page, you’ll see that there was just a thread that I put about with NLP trainers, there’s still to this day – it boggles my mind – infighting amongst NLP about whose method of NLP is best, and whose lineage is the best, and who’s got the better standards. It’s like, “Oh my God, please!”

I was thinking that maybe I would get back into the ABNLP and try and create collaboration that way – but I’m not going do that. I’m going to instead create an open community of anyone who is working professionally as a coach to offer a community for collaboration, non-judgment whether you’re trained or untrained.

If you feel called to help people and you call yourself a coach, if you feel called to help people in that way, then I would love to support you.

I’ve been in coaching for 15 years, I’m an NLP trainer, I’ve done a whole bunch of different methodologies – and the thing that makes coaching so wonderful and have so much integrity, is the coaching system of supervision, where you connect with other coaches and you ask for advice or guidance, or get support from mentors who have traveled the path before you and might have some suggestions or could ask you some questions to unlock your wisdom, so that you can show up with greater integrity as a coach.

Conscious Collaborative Community

I would love to offer and I’m going to create this conscious collaborative community of coaches for the purpose of becoming a better coach and honing your craft.

No matter what method you use or whether you’re intuitive or whether your trained, it doesn’t matter. There’s no levels. I honor and respect everybody’s intuitive knowing and their wisdom and their higher self.

And if you’re called to be a coach then I know that you’re on a journey, whether you just started or you’ve been doing it for years, and that we can do more together than we can apart.

I feel like there’s way too much infighting within the coaching industry of whose method is best – and I want to make a stand for something different, where we support each other and honor each other’s wisdom, and we honor each other’s growth journey. Because anyone that is a coach has a calling to help others.

I have a calling to help you step into greater leadership.

If you are a coach, keep a lookout for that because it’s going to be super affordable, just a monthly low-cost investment. And I want to build a really big beautiful community of collaborative coaches who are supporting each other and supporting each other to learn more and to learn different methods.

I think what’s made me over the years a very successful coach is that I have learned lots of different methods and I love to overlay and see where one fits with the other. And I think that that is a wonderful way to broaden your perspective and broaden your skillset.

If coaching is your profession then you want as many skills and tools in your toolbox as you can. I feel that the tools facilitate greater intuitive knowing. They facilitate the unleashing of your intuitive knowing.

If you’d like to know more about that then write CCC below. Collaborative Coaching Community.

That’s what we’re going to create, a collaborative coaching community for the standards of the coaching community and the integrity of how we show up for our clients, so that we can be the best coaches we can possibly be to facilitate awakening of an enlightened conscious planet.

Check out this view. Is that not amazing? Just appreciate that a little bit more – The Harbour Bridge. Someone had some really fabulous vision in Sydney. Let’s just appreciate that.

When you have a big vision and you have the commitment to bring it into reality, look what we can create as humans. So beautiful!

I love you guys. I’ll speak to you soon.

Let me know if you’re interested in doing Spiral at a higher VIP level with me or being a part of the conscious collaborative coaching community with a triple C below.

Lots of love,


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