BODY CONFIDENCE Case Study 1  -  Jen BettRidge
Jen shed 8 kilos without dieting and now feels 10 years younger,
doubled her income and dropped a day of work!
...and she's more productive than ever before...

"My double chin is gone, my skin is clearer, I feel 10 years younger!
Lasting beach-body confidence...
BODY CONFIDENCE Case Study 2 -  Daniella Kay
After a difficult birth Daniella needed support to heal her mind and reclaim her health and body confidence. She shed over 40kilos.
and her inspiring weight loss story ended up on Morning TV!

"When you allow yourself to delve into how deep it can really go, 

it opens up so much magic for you."
  •  Heal from birth trauma: Pregnancy and birth can ravage a woman's body. Give yourself the support to heal stronger.
  •  Remember who you are: When you reclaim your body confidence you remember who you are in addition to being a mama.
  • Leave a legacy of health: Give your children the best gift ever by modelling health, wellness and body confidence.
Be the example of body-confidence and health...
BODY CONFIDENCE Case Study 3  -  Katherine Boxall
Corporate Queen Kat had a nasty self-critic, see how she overcome Depression and unleashed kick-ass body confidence...
...and now she's living a life of meaning and creating her legacy...

“You're never too far down the rabbit-hole to come back..."
How can we create such transformational results?
Our powerful 12 month group coaching program teaches you how to master your mind and 
finally stop your self-sabotage so you can build foundational healthy habits with love and compassion.
Open up new possibilities with clarity and insight.
Harness the epic power of your unconscious mind.
Heal your heart and unlock powerful confidence.
Discover the power of leveraged actions.
BODY CONFIDENCE Case Study 4 -  Suzanne Culberg
Suzanne broke the family cycle of obesity, lost more than half her body weight (over 70kgs) and unleashed unstoppable confidence!
Now she's embodying the health, vitality and joy that she wants to pass on to her children!

"There is no magic pill. It's just deciding that you've had enough 
of the way things are and it's time to make a change."
These stories are not unique...
Magical results happen when you claim your body-confidence...
  •  A powerful IT professional was able to overcome her Depression and heal her compulsion to self-harm.
  •  A driven stay-at-home Mum lost over 70 kilos and finally was able to break the family cycle of obesity for herself and her children.
  •    A passionate Recruitment Coach used what she learned to help her thrive through an intense cancer battle and recover her health.
  • A Business Leadership Coach was able to heal her hormonal imbalance and finally have the baby she'd been dreaming of.
  •  A passionate Mother healed her life-long body battle and is able to look in the mirror with genuine self-love and kindness.
  •  A caring PT was able to add these methods into her business to stop her fraud complex and get massive results for her most challenging clients.
  •  An overly caring Marketing Expert released her childhood trauma, healed her heart, and was able to set boundaries for the first time ever.
Your unconscious mind holds the key...
  •  Wealth  - Attract prosperity magnetically when you heal your self-worth.
  •  Health - Unleash your most energetic, healthy, fit, sexy body by mastering your habits. 
  • Love - Fall in love with yourself, and attract high-frequency relationships that bring you true joy.
BODY CONFIDENCE Case Study 5  - MichElle Farrar-Eagles
Do you need to end up in hospital like this hard-working mama before you finally decide it's time to look after you?
"If you cannot extend your care and love to yourself, 

eventually everything will suffer..."

"12 months ago, I was a different woman... Whilst on the outside I appeared strong and successful, I had what I thought was my dream role as General Manager of Human Resources at a Company I had always wanted to work with, internally I was battling with exhaustion. I was stressed, angry and quite frustrated, it wasn’t easy juggling a full time role, with 2 young kids! As a result of not listening to body and prioritising everyone but myself, I ended up in hospital and had an extreme wake up call. My body was in a state of dis-ease...

Over the last 12 months, I completed my Legacy Leaders program with My Mind Coach and it was hands down one of the best investments my husband and I made together. Not only do I have a new lease on life, my specialists were not able to give me a medical explanation for my improvement, but deep down, I knew it was a result of all the internal work I have done and changes I have made to my life. 

This journey has truly given me the appreciation for the power of the mind, body connection. I will be eternally grateful for Kylie coming into my life and proud to be able to now call her a lifelong friend." - Michelle Farrar-Eagles, Creating Conscious Leaders

You are your most precious investment.
When you've decided that you're ready to invest in a lasting solution with mentors that will be with you for the before, the after, and the after-after, then look no further...
Bianca Aiono & Kylie Ryan
Kylie Ryan & Bianca Aiono Robertson are mothers on a mission to liberate exhausted, over-achieving women from their self-loathing mindsets and body prisons. After having struggled with their weight, both have impressive, lasting body transformation stories after discovering the solution lay in reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

With over 30 years experience & and an impressive list of qualifications in health, wellness and neuro-linguistic programming coaching between them, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands and that even if you've struggled for years with your own body, there is a solution for you to find peace, health, happiness and confidence. 

Bianca has been crowned a body- sculpting champion, been an international Cross-fit Athlete and now champions mind-body weight-loss, and Kylie is one of Australia's leading Mindset NLP Trainers specialising in systemic behaviour change & emotional healing. Together they offer an alternate voice and option to mainstream dieting propaganda with a holistic and sustainable mind-body-spirit approach to self-loving weight loss, wellness and living your best life.
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