CASE STUDY: Selina is Miss Fabulousness.

CASE STUDY: Selina is Miss Fabulousness.

I am so proud to bring you the case study of one of my gorgeous Goddesses Selina, please enjoy and be inspired by this awesome story… slimming down to 17% body fat, and a 9 cm drop per thigh is just one marker of her incredible transformation.


The beginning…

I first met Selina at my event in Brisbane 16th February 2012, she had sent me some lovely emails before that thanking me for my free articles and blogs,  and when she came along to the 1 day event she had many “aha” moments, culminating in her decision to come along to my 3 day live transformation program in Sydney. I respect Selina so much because I know she moved heaven and earth to come along to my event the next month in mid-March, and despite “not having the money” and not having permission for the time off from work she still committed to come, overcoming two excuses that would have stopped many others. She realised that my event would be the key to her breakout year. We arranged a special long payment plan that fit in her budget and she made the arrangements to fly in on the morning of the event so she would only miss one day of work.

Immediately after the 3 day transformation event…

Watch Selina’s testimonial immediately after her 3 day live experience.

In full bloom just 8 months later….

Watch Selina’s full Interview on her story of transformation this year.

Some More Results…

Here is one of her posts in our private members area that she has allowed me to share with you.

Results from a 6 week self Challenge.

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share my results from the last 6 weeks….as a collective of the last 8 months. Mindset shift (no numbers are available!) I can look in the mirror while weight training and see the muscles in my arms…..I can bench press 25kgs…..I can jog consistently for 10mins! My eating is amazing. ….new food….excitement when I discover other ways to cook things…like cauliflower pizza base!:)

I wore jeans last night out…only to discover they are too big at the hips…still fit in the thighs…however I got over my disappointment of the jeans “not being looser” when I realised I bought them when I lived in Paris in 2007! Time for new jeans I think…that fit my body shape now…not then!

I have been working with a PT once a week since beginning of September. ….had a week off to go on holidays. …and now do a Sunday circuit with her including one on one boxing. Plus jogging and RPM…my fitness is increasing and I love that I can do things I have never done!

So I have lost 11cm off my body
300 grams on the scale= 76.9kgs
Most exciting bit…..from 21% body fat to 17%! (in just 6 weeks. 6 Weeks!!)

Today I declared the following. ….
6 week challenge to myself because I am a powerful, effective, bold, vibrant woman…who can achieve anything I set my mind too!:-)

* 2 × 45mins PT sessions Mojo Monday’s and Wicked Wednesday.
* 2 bootcamps Tuesday & Thursday
* Jogging..increase to 12 min consistent jog
* Any other class of my choice. ….RPM, yoga etc
* Lead by example in all that I do…fitness, love, work, life… breakthoughs and breakdowns are all part of the journey and admitting my weakness allows mento build my strengths in new areas.

I share this all because it is a massive shift in everything and some days are crap…..and I am allowing myself to just be with it all and acknowledge and shift it.

I feel alive. I know there are so many things out there for me and I feel like surprises are coming to me…new opportunities. …new people.

I’m really excited and so blessed on so many levels.
I am so grateful for all opportunities that have come and that are on their way….especially this program.

A big thanks to Madeleine and Sonia… meeting you both I am so moved by the women you are in this world. Thank you for your love and support.

And as always Thank you Kylie Ryan X
Here is a photo of me in my goal dress…..Charlie Brown. .. I don’t care about size as I have size 10 – 12 and 14 in my wardrobe.
…however no more size 16! 🙂


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Overall Results

Selina’s overall results are not easily measured in numbers, because one of my major assignments was shifting her head away from daily or weekly weigh-ins and focussing on building health rather than losing weight. However one measurement that stood out clearly was the difference in her thighs, which were a trouble zone for her. Selina was overjoyed to report last night that her thigh measurements dropped from 68cms to 59 cms over the 8 months. That is a massive 9cm drop per leg!!  Stellar result!!

And now inspiring others on a bigger scale…

Selina is such a powerhouse of positivity inside our private group and on her personal facebook page, I just couldn’t help planting the seed in her mind that she too could write her own blog and inspire others with her words… she was a little skeptical and hesitant, but she took action and decided to give it a go and has been overwhelmed by the positive response to her candid account of her journey and her personal wisdom. Definitely worth checking out these posts…

  1. Unleashing Fabulousness: The key to my break-out year
  2. Discovering the F word
  3. Are you a PP or an SP?
  4. What happens when you can’t shift gears? You hit the wall of course… which slaps you with “will I ever be enough?”
  5. Expectations of a great life…..or LACK of Great Expectations.
  6. Choice…..the next level?

I am so honoured to have been a part of Selina’s journey, and I am very, very proud of her, this last 8 months has not all been peachy, she has faced fears and let go of old relationships and even through the tough times she has continued to strive for her best life, and the work has paid off, and I smile every time I see one of her posts which are filled with gratitude, courage, inspiration and wisdom. Amazing work Selina. Bravo.

Want your own Breakout Year?

If you would like to have a Breakout Year in 2014, the time to begin is NOW. You can join the homestudy online Goddess Body Quest Course, which is the online version of the 3 day transformation event Selina did with me plus loads more. Join up here.

Comments (3)

  1. Go Selina!!
    Your transformation is really inspiring.
    Good luck with your blog … 🙂
    Kylie, you must be really proud.
    Great work.
    xxx F

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Fiona 🙂 thank you for your time and energy in relation to watching and reading my story 🙂 it is so moving to see how many people have taken the time to reflect from this.
    Please know that this (my life) is a working, living, breathing – way of being – each & every day and at times (this year) I didn’t know what to do – from trying to make someone happy to suppressing myself so that i was what others expected – to feeling helpless/powerless.

    However, you know what – it is my life and my time to shine – just as it is your time to shine and fight for the life you want 🙂 I realised that I wanted to wake up tomorrow going; Yes I am the woman who took it on – instead of the woman who woke up with regrets. I can’t wait to see what is next for all of those in my life; including people who I don’t know, but have been touched and inspired in some way to take their own life to the next level.

    Ps. Kylie is amazing and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to continue to work with her 🙂 This is your time – lets all do this together; lets lead by example & make a contribution to the world 🙂

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