Christine Agha Story

Hi, I’m Christine! I’m a qualified NLP Coach, & Matrix Therapies Practitioner and I adore seeing my clients transform their lives.

I struggled for many years with emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting losing and gaining between 5-30 kg at a time until I found coaching.

Anxiety and overwhelm had become the norm, along with the stress of everyday living and unhappiness with myself and the world around me. The worst of it started after the birth of my first son. I had no idea of the responsibility of raising a child. My husband worked long hours and it was challenging for me not having him around as much as I would’ve liked. I know what it feels like to be stuck. The relationship I had with my mind and body was nearly non-existent and certainly not of a supportive nature. My lack of motivation and energy impacted on every aspect of my life, as well as my family’s. I put everyone else’s happiness before my own.

As a wife and mother of two boys ages 5 and 7, I know how hard it is when you are struggling with food and how important it is to find peace and balance to be a happy, healthy mum.

Through coaching, my personal transformation journey began. With my love of learning, growing and evolving was the incredible consequence. This allowed me to re-discover the things that made me happy again. Overcoming the unhealthy mindset I was stuck in led me to break through barriers and open up possibilities I’d never dreamed had existed.

Now it has lead me to this awesome career path where I can dedicate my life to be of service and I’m so passionate about helping women overcome emotional eating guiding them to realise the importance of self care through self love, acceptance and compassion.

In coaching sessions with me you will be guided through transformational tools and techniques to shift your mindset to become your best self.


1. Tell us your experience of coaching?

6 months in and I still feel like I am peeling away the layers that have prevented me from thriving for many years.  This is something that I could not have done alone and my coaching sessions with Christine have given me insights, light bulbs and surprises about what lies beneath.

2. What do you like best about coaching and what was your biggest learning?

The processes that Christine brings to the sessions to unlock and unravel some of the many barriers that have prevented me from living my best life. My biggest learning is difficult to pinpoint however probably that I should treat myself in the supportive, loving way that Christine does and I will go a lot further in my quest! That and… ‘look at your feet Kylie”

3. Had you previously tried anything else to solve your struggle? If so, what?

Everything! or so I thought. A lifetime of weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system, frozen meals, blood tests followed by the perfect diet, all types of shakes and of course beating myself up. None of them worked.

4. How do you FEEL as a result of Coaching?

Once upon a time I felt that I was not worthy and I hid a lot of pain, shame and embarrassment behind the weight. It made me safe. As I have worked with Christine, I have come to believe that I am worthy and that I can do it! I feel no judgement, only love and support…. all the things that I wasn’t to myself.

5. What specific results have you had as a result of Coaching?

My self talk has changed and I no longer beat myself up continually. When I do, I notice it and I have tools to turn this around.  My very old, damaging self limiting beliefs no longer have the power that they once did over me. I have uncovered these, understood them better and decided that they no longer serve me.

6. What would you like to say to someone considering using my services?

Make sure Christine is on your team! Christine brings the frameworks, questions, coaching skills to uncover the real issues and bundles them up with the love, support and energy that you need to turn your life around.


1. Tell us your experience of coaching?

I came to coaching to help get out of my own head! Initially it was because I wanted to lose weight. I was an emotional eater, and it was getting worse. After the first few sessions, I could see the changes happening to my life and realised I had made the best decision to do this.

2.  What do you like best about coaching and what was your biggest learning?

That’s its ok to have down days. My hormones are so up and down, so that normally I would feel down, and then eat, and think about negative things and it would push me down even further! So now, because my hormones are still a part of me, when I do feel down, I act differently, and the voice in my head says ‘oh, ok, yep your having a down day today, put your feet and and watch a movie, or go and visit a friend. Its ok to feel down, don’t worry.’
That to me has helped me to break the vicious cycle I could never break in the 20 years I have struggled with it. (it started so early in my teen years)
And I was such a NEGATIVE person ! I didn’t even want to be around me!! Seriously, when I look back, I cringe! But now I understand why I was like that, and why I will never be that person again. Now, even in the most trying situations, I see the positive in everything, no matter how bad it is. I wish I knew this earlier.
My life has begun at 38 years old. No regrets, and no looking back, just forward.

3.  Had you previously tried anything else to solve your struggle? If so, what?

I had actually tried an online counselling session where I would email back and forth with someone. It was terrible and it probably made things worse. I just ended up accepting that I was the way I was and could never change that. Until I started the coaching with Christine.

4. How do you FEEL as a result of Coaching?

So I often think of myself and a person that was curled up into the foetal position, in a rocking motion. Now my friends always saw me as such a strong person, but inside I was screaming! Now I see a very strong woman, who is very emotional to the point of wanting to help everyone else out there that feels like I did. I am a better wife, mother, friend and daughter. I cant imagine where I would be if I didn’t take charge and do this.
I finally feel like I can be me. When I always thought I was never good enough, and would never be good enough. Now I sleep easy knowing I have been true to myself.

5.  What specific results have you had as a result of Coaching?

It has impacted so many areas of life. I have 3 boys, and now I feel like I am such a great example to them. When they want to give up on things, I can now help them to see their own potential, all because I have seen my own potential.
My business has sky rocketed. I lead a team of over 150 people, and now I feel enough confidence to really lead them. Before I was faking the confidence!!!!! Ha !!!
My connection with food is so much healthier!
My marriage is the best it’s been in the 20 years we have been married.
My friendships are stronger, I have had to leave some that were negative and have attracted some new people that genuinely want to be friends with me and have the same outlook in life.

6.  What would you like to say to someone considering using my services?

Wow, I honestly think, everyone needs Christine in their life! She was the perfect fit for me. Over the past 6 months I have formed a bond with her beyond anyone I have ever met. There is no judgement ever! So having that person you can say anything too is very precious.
I will never stop my coaching, its such a healthy part of my life now. I owe all of the recent success to her, and even my husband can freely admit that it has been the best thing I have ever done. I wish everyone knew about it, because we all have things that go on in our heads, and we don’t always understand why, so to explore that and truly understand it will change how we view ourselves and everyone else around us. And people notice the change in me. And I totally own that I have had help with it, so that others can see that its ok to get help. We cant do this own our own, we need that re assurance and guidance. #grateful


1. If you were to REVIEW what you’ve learned so far in the program and write your own SUCCESS STORY, what would it say?

I came to coaching because I had tried shake diets, weigh your food, eat just one food group and I am overweight. Clearly it didn’t work for me. I was overwhelmed. I had all of the information, or so I thought, but I kept making ‘mistake’ after ‘mistake’. I was very upset, frustrated with myself and spiralling. I came across Kylie Ryan’s Goddess Body Quest and watched a webinar. It clicked. It made sense. Kylie was describing me. She was getting to the core, the heart of the problem.

I requested a phone call and Christine was amazing. So calm, so kind, so supportive. She knew what to ask to get to the nitty gritty underlying reasons for my problems. It was exposing but safe. She took me where I needed to go and held my hand on the way. I could only speak the truth. My truth. I’d never spoken it before.

My husband saw me watching the webinar over and over. Reading the testimonials, researching, scrutinising, over analysing. He won me over by getting it for my birthday. He’s always been supportive and in my corner.

I started the course. Kylie was easy to follow. The supporting documents were clear and easy to follow. The tasks really made me think. I liked going at my own pace,working it around my life. Every task had me thinking. It promoted and provoked change. I always felt supported and safe.

2. What do you like best about our coaching session and what was your biggest learning?

I loved our session. I recognised the voice straight away. I knew I was going to get a lot out of it but I was blown away. Again Christine found a way to get me to speak my truth. She found out what was holding me back and she taught me tools to work on them. Christine’s intelligence, knowledge and experience shines through. My hand held all of the way. I learned how to articulate my issues, articulate the very essence of it’s beginnings, articulate my goals. Christine gave me the tools, motivation and more over she helped me find my words.

3. Had you previously tried anything else to solve your struggle? If so, what?

I have tried journal writing, talking to friends and family-all whom are supportive. I just couldn’t find my truth.

4. How do you FEEL as a result of Coaching?

I was feeling like I was over-thinking and over-analysing everything. I was feeling overwhelmed then when I worked with Christine I felt driven, calm, in charge of my own decisions. I felt like I had the tools to venture through my adventure.

5. What would you like to say to someone considering using my services?

I would say that Christine makes it easy to be open to the process with her calm voice. She has an innate way of making you feel safe and supported. She has a depth of knowledge and experience that shines through. She listens. She just gets you even when you don’t get yourself. She holds your hand as she enables you to articulate what your goals how, what’s holding you back, how you can achieve your goals. She gives you tools to achieve them. She is calm and lovely.


If you’ve been inspired by Christines absolutely inspirational coaching client Case studies and would like to make a similar transformation in your life, apply for a coaching consultation here with Christine to find out how we can help you.


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