Weight Loss + Christmas: 7 Tips to Stay Healthy These Holidays

Weight Loss + Christmas: 7 Tips to Stay Healthy These Holidays

Christmas, New Years Eve and all the parties in the lead up are a challenging time when it comes to eating well.

Here’s some tips to help you to keep your head in the game and your waist in check as you glide through the holidays…

1. Set your intention & watch your language.

I’ve heard many people say to me, “oh I’m going to put on a few kilos this Christmas.” What!? If you go into it with that intention, that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your internal language creates your reality. What if you intended to stay the same, or even use the extra free time for some extra outdoor activities and got fitter over Christmas? Set your health intention for the holidays, catch yourself if you say any negative statements,  and flip them around to a positive question. “How can I be even healthier & more active this Christmas than ever before?”

2. Remember your BIG why.

Get really clear on why you want to stay healthy and slim this Christmas, without a BIG why, the cake will come tempting. You need a really good reason to say “No!”.  Ask yourself; why do I really want to be slim and healthy? Until you get an answer that no piece of cake could argue with. Maybe you want to live a long and healthy life so you can enjoy your grandchildren in years to come, maybe you don’t want to be forced into dramatic weight loss surgery – or hey, maybe because you want to look fantastic in that bikini – choose your reason and remember it next time the chips and dip come around.

3. Decide your limits before you arrive.

Make a decision about what you are going to eat and drink before you walk into a Christmas party. If your Gran makes an amazing cake, and you love it, decide that you will have some of that, and then don’t eat other sweets or chips. Enjoy the food that you really want, without guilt,  and don’t just eat everything because it’s there. You’re worth more than that! It’s your indecision that leads to overeating. Decide beforehand, and practice your response when someone offers you something. Repeat after me – “No thank you. It looks delicious, but I’m full.” Say it with clear voice and a friendly smile but don’t leave any room for arguments.

4. Use your ears more than your mouth.

Use your ears to listen and connect with family and friends. Stay away from the snack and chips tables. Get yourself a drink, take a deep breath and go and talk to someone. If you’re a bit shy, remember that nobody wants to be alone at a party – your friendly approach might be a lifesaver to someone else! If you see someone alone, go up to them and introduce yourself. You could start off by asking my favourite party line – “So tell me, what are you passionate about?”

 5. Resist the temptation to try everything at a smorgasbord.

Remember your portion sizes, why you are staying healthy and keep your plate small. When you first get the thought, “I’m full”. Stop eating!

6. Drink more water.

Wine spritzers are a great way to look festive without over-drinking. Limit your alcohol to 2 standard drinks. Make sure you drink lots of water before each drink and in between your next. If you think you’ll be tempted to drink too much, drive to the event, so there is no option to drink too much.

7. Get active with your family.

Instead of lying around bloated and overfull on Christmas afternoon, get some exercise in with your family and visiting relatives. Soccer, cricket, running around with toddlers are all fun family games that will help you to break a sweat and keep fit.

 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a happy and safe Holiday Season.

Love Kylie x

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Weight Loss & Christmas

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