Coaching skills are not enough

Coaching skills are not enough


Hey, guys!

I wanted to talk to all of the professional coaches out there who are struggling a little bit with their business and, to be honest, getting the shits with other “less qualified” people out there, or people who are untrained coaches, business coaches, mentors, people out there that are just getting out and having a go and calling themselves coaches too.

We are inside of an unregulated industry and there’s some interesting things going on right now.

There’s this definite divide between qualified coaches who are trained in NLP or meta-coaching or various other coaching methodologies, ICF-accredited coaching methodologies, and the untrained intuitive, heal-y, mystic-y “I’ve got business result and so I’m gonna go help other people with that business result” type of coaches.

Anyone can call themselves a coach whether they’re trained or not. That’s just the way the industry is.

I see a lot of more qualified, or more professional, or more experienced coaches, who maybe are less skilled at marketing, being outstripped and outsold by gung-ho, young, enthusiastic social marketers who have a real passionate message and who are just getting on social media and really making controversial statements, and getting on really consistently with lots of energy, and getting out there and building their business with very little qualifications and very little skills.

So what’s the go with this?

And this is something that I had to kind of really realize a couple of years ago and it’s just becoming deeper and deeper.

And I’m a trainer, right?

I train coaching skills, so I have a cognitive bias towards wanting people to be skilled. I think it’s important. I think people whom are working as professional coaches should and need to invest in their professional development ongoingly. That’s what I’ve been doing for 15 years.

And I think it makes you a better coach and it helps you to deliver better results.

That said, coaching skills are not enough.

Coaching skills are not enough.

Just having the skills of how to do particular processes or having a qualification in NLP, or coaching, or whatever the skill set that you might have – Reiki, Spiral, Theta, whatever that might be – whatever your skill set is, it’s not enough to have that coaching skill set.

We need to, as coaches, step into what I’m calling luminous leadership.

Luminous leadership. Having a clear cause that we want to make a difference to, and so then our skills get applied to that cause.

Our skills get applied to ourselves as we go through our own blocks and limitations, whatever, to be able to step into greater leadership, greater methods of showing up, greater levels of passion and care and service as we’re showing up on social media.

Because the truth is, we live in a social media world these days.

Of course, there are some people that still get business the old-fashioned way with ads on papers, or a listing, or natural therapies pages, or SEO. But a lot of new coaches are making a splash and building very rapidly six-figure businesses simply by building and growing their social media networks by just showing up online.

Because the barrier to entry is super low. It costs barely anything. You don’t need a website. You can just set up a free Facebook page.

And if you’re super passionate about an issue and making a change, and you have a clear person that you’re serving and a clear problem that you’re solving, and getting on and really being passionate, and you make a clear offer, then you can make money and help people and make a difference.

I see and I’ve spoken to other qualified “professional coaches” who kind of look at the social media business people coaches and kind look down on it or have a little bit of superior ego going on.

In a way, it’s the exact same thing that psychologists and counselors look down on the coaching profession and go, “Oh, you guys aren’t trained in mental health. You’re taking our market share. You’re stealing clients from us and you’re not qualified to help people.” That kind of thing. So that’s the same pattern that’s playing out.

And so, I just like to bring your awareness to it.

How are you showing up in luminous leadership?

If you feel like there are people out there that are less qualified than you that are growing their businesses faster, or seem to be out there and kind of doing things online, I would question how are you showing up in luminous leadership.

Are you showing up luminous leadership?

Are you leading yourself in your own life?

Have you connected deeply to the cause that you are passionate enough about to get over your own limitations, and your own self-doubts, and utilize your coaching skills with your self or in some mentorship and support, so that you can step up and make a difference to a particular cause or mission or making a change to something?

And this is why I’m really passionate about making a change to myself, is helping to bring an alliance together, of coaches at all different skill levels and with all different modalities behind them to help support each other and realize that we have the same f*cking mission.

We have the same cause. We want to raise the consciousness of the planet. We want to bring ourselves back into unity consciousness. We want to support with the ecological crisis. We want to make a difference.

The coaching industry and the personal development industry is being fractured to little individual silos of infighting or resentment amongst people going, “Oh, that person isn’t qualified” or “That person doesn’t have the skills.”

So, I see that there’s an opportunity for us to grow beyond that.

And, yes, we do need skills. Yes, we do need to invest in ongoing skill development and personal and professional growth. But we also need to step into our leadership and become clear about what it is that we want to make a difference to.

We need to step into our leadership and become clear about what it is that we want to make a difference to.

I’m really excited about bringing that into the coaching, change-making community.

I’ve built a new five-pillar model around luminous leadership and how coaches and change makers can start to step into luminous leadership and show up authentically in their own lives as a demonstration and an embodiment of the message that they are sharing, that they’re really living the message, that they want to share with their clients.

And there’s a not necessarily easy but simple pathway for you to start considering and looking into where in your life you need to make some shifts, so that you as a coach and changemaker can start to use those coaching skills to step into leadership, which is what creates a lucrative business.

People buy coaches. They don’t buy coaching skills.

People don’t care about getting an NLP session, or a Reiki session, or a crystal, or whatever it is. They buy your passion, your care, your mission, what you’re passionate about.

People who have a similar mission, similar passions, will look up to you if you show up in leadership.

The Coach Alliance

That’s what I’m really excited to unleash in the coaches and changemakers that work with me this year in The Coach Alliance. I’m even considering offering the Luminous Leadership initiation course as a separate course, not just a part of the ongoing mastermind program.

So if you’d like to find out more about that, if this excites you, if you have coaching skills and you’d like to step into greater leadership, hit me up in a message or join The Coach Crucible.

And if you’re interested in having a space to grow together with other coaches who also care about making the world a better place and transforming people for the better, then consider my Coach Alliance, which is launching this month.

We’re launching the Coach Alliance and I’m super excited about how this is going to play out.

We’ve got some really wonderful people already involved – and I’ve planned out an incredible year of growth, transformation, guest teachers, so that we can grow our professional skills and also our business skills and our leadership, so that we can step up and make the difference that we want to make in the world, and get paid for it as well, build a lucrative business that serves us and serves the world.

That’s it for today.

The question that I would like to leave you with is:

Are you in luminous leadership?

And if you’re not yet, what’s one action that you could take today that would step you into greater luminous leadership, of you shining what’s important to you, of you showing up to make a difference to the people and the things that you care about?

That’s it for now. Speak to you soon.

Kylie x

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