Coaching System Upgrade Required

Coaching System Upgrade Required

Dear Coach,

Could you be running your coaching business on a Nokia?  No? Are you sure?

Have your coaching toolbox & strategies stopped working the way they used to?

Have those processes, scripts and patterns gone a BIT STALE?

Your GROW model, WFO, timeline, question scripts just don’t seem to have the same punch that they used to.

Have they changed…

…is it YOU? Or something else?

There are radical shifts happening on the planet right now.

Old systems are crumbling to make way for higher frequencies. If you are a part of the Future… the ways of the Past will simply not work the way they used to.

It does not mean they are not useful to know. They TOTALLY ARE…

There are some essential foundation models that you totally need to know.

But they are only ONE PART of what truly creates CHANGE.

If you are missing the other levels… you can say the words but you will be like a puppet on a string… the words will not have the same power…

The old operating system has crashed.  You need to load the updates, or upgrade your software…

Are you ready to allow your logical mind move beyond JUST THINKING and STRATEGISING?

Are you ready to use the mental models the way they are intended?

…As PORTALS into quantum field of endless possibilities and instant frequency change through focussed conscious intention….

The map is NOT the territory…

We are multidimensional-energetic beings…

Humanity is on the precipice of a quantum evolutionary leap.

Are you just another coach in a sea of coaches?


This is NOT about ungrounded, airy-fairy woo-woo.

It IS is about honouring the “knowing” that you have had your whole life…

You DO see and KNOW things that other people don’t.

YOU ARE DIFFERENT from other humans!!!!

Some things come so ridiculously easy to you that it almost seems unfair.

That GIFT has been given to you for a reason.

You ARE here on a MISSION.

For the coach who realises that “woo” is a term that has been created to minimise and discount SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POWER.

The power to CREATE.


When you can master this.

No Limiting beliefs can hold you.

When you don’t give a toss about certifications, or being qualified by some random association…

but you DO care deeply your your own EVOLUTION.

AND you know that you are only operating at the smallest fraction of what you are capable of…

When you know it’s time to play a much bigger game…

You feel deeply called to support a positive shift on the planet

But you’re not sure how to unlock the rest of your hidden power…

I have something for you.

A transformational immersion year into your Evolution…

Grounding coaching so deeply in its historical context and utilising the very best models and systems, so you can SEE THROUGH THE MODELS…

into the human in front of you…

and track PRECISELY…

WHERE your client is on their evolutionary journey…

and WHAT they need for their next level of GROWTH…

Imagine how valuable that would be?

What you will you do with that CREATIVE POWER & IN-SIGHT?

Imagine how much you could REALLY HELP all those clients who are invested with you?

And how much more CERTAIN would you be in your enrolment pathway and copy knowing that you have the MAGIC of TRANSFORMATION in your BEING?

When you can easily slide between magical to mundane, practical & strategic, to quantum-energetic, you have mastered all the realms, …and when you can EXPLAIN that to your clients also, in a language that they can understand…

That my friends is the GOLD of ALCHEMY.

If you want to know more, I invite you to apply here and we can have a conversation.

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