Collaboration Announcement!

I’ve got a super exciting announcement!

I have  a new business partner! Yay.

Why do we always think we have to do things on our own? (Or is that just me?)

I’ve finally realised that I can have way more fun, get more done, and help you more if I partner up with someone equally as awesome as I am. (and as modest too) Bianca Aiono! Yay!

Bianca has been coaching women to become their best selves as a PT, and more recently as a Mindset Coach after being one of my first NLP Graduates. Bianca has a wealth of skills and awesomeness she is bringing to MMC to help me help you. Here’s our collab announcement video to share with you.

What I want to ask you is: Is there anywhere in your life that you are doing it all alone, and you could do it better with a friend?

We’ve spent 5 days hanging out planning so much awesome new stuff to finally reveal the Weightless Woman programs and events that have been bubbling in my mind for over a year. I was waiting for something in order to fully birth these new projects into the world. What I didn’t know I was waiting for was Bianca!

Now B is a new mummy and returning to her career mission, we are perfectly aligned to work together. What was so awesome about our time hanging out together (pictured above with our other business bestie and woman on a mission Kellie Sanders) is that we were able to hold a mirror for each other and help each other step into the best version of our possibilities.  That means a much more powerful vision, because it is being held by two people.

We’re so excited to create these new, better programs and events for you, so you can invoke your Spirit, connect with your Tribe and embody your Potential as a Weightless Woman!


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