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I am honoured to be able to speak with you to help you get clarity on your most meaningful impact goals, and help you discover the unique gifts that you have to serve the world and build your freedom business.


  • Help you get clear on your impact vision and higher purpose for your business and leadership.
  • Diagnose the obstacles getting in your way and leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.
  • Create a powerful plan that will leave you feeling excited and confident about stepping into the mission that you were born for.
  • If it looks like I can help you, and we’ve got a good vibe, we can chat about the details of the working with me through the Coach Academy or as a private client.

I am committed to supporting emerging leaders & change-makers step up into their greatness, and this call will be incredibly valuable to you, regardless of if you decide to continue working with me or not. There is no pressure, just a conversation to get to know you and see if and how I may be able to help you.

*This call is completely free because I know that a certain percentage of the coaches who I help to map out this plan will want to work with me for further training and mentoring support. If that’s not you, no worries – I’m happy to help you regardless and you’ll walk away with powerful insights and fresh motivation to take action*


  • Lifelong learners who desire to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Aspiring future coaches – currently in employment – looking for personal transformation and self-mastery.
  • Business coaches, Strategic coaches, and Personal Trainers wanting to deepen into their Mindset skills to help clients further.
  • Practitioners who want to build their practical coaching, communication and leadership skills.
  • Intuitive healers who are looking for a way to ground their magic into the “real world” in a way that serves them and their clients.


  • People looking for coach business marketing strategy only.
  • Fixed mindset skeptics who are looking for hard scientific evidence and want to argue about right and wrong.
  • People who want to play the “my change-method is better than yours” game.
  • People who are unwilling to question their own beliefs and feel emotions in order to grow.
  • Anyone with a “get-rich-quick”mindset who is not focussed on service.
  • People who are under financial strain and have no capacity to invest in their growth and development.

My coaching, training & mentoring work is a soulful blend of proven change systems, science, spirituality, support, and strategy.

If you’re here to make a difference, and want more professional precision so you can lead with confidence, I’m your woman.
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