Critical times & Lion-Hearted Leaders.

Critical times & Lion-Hearted Leaders.


Hi there, coaches, healers, practitioners!

It is Kylie Ryan and I am super excited to talk to you today about the work that we are doing on the planet at the moment.

Many of you will feel called to do something important.

I’ve had this feeling since I was a child – and it’s not just from watching too many hero movies – that I’m meant to do something important.

I didn’t know what it was and it is still unfolding – but I have this sense that there’s something greater, and there’s something important to be done, and there’s something important for me personally to do.

And that doesn’t mean that I’m any better than anybody else. Because pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to in the healing, growth, artistry fields – and probably everybody else – when they’re really honest with themselves, when we get down to it, they have that sense as well.

There’s a reason why we’re so attracted to superhero movies and movies where one person has to save the world.

We are living in a critical time of change.

We are living in a critical time of change, a time of change that we have not seen in our lifetime, or our parents’ lifetime, or our great great grandfathers’ and grandmothers’ lifetimes.

It is a critical time of change that only comes around once every thousands of years.

It’s been spoken about in spiritual texts – the time of Revelations, the end of the Mayan calendar, the end of Kali Yuga.

In many great spiritual texts, it talks about the end of a certain age and the beginning of a new age – and we are moving through the end of an age of darkness into an age of enlightenment.

When I think about this, we require for this time of change.

Lion-hearted leaders, leaders who are unafraid to walk into the darkness and be the light. Leaders who have conviction to stand by their moral compass even when we realize and know that we are also human too, and we also have our own struggles and humanity and things that we’re dealing with.

I think this idea of the lion-hearted leader is one that does not deny their own humanity – but through their own humanity, and with their own humanity, leads forward a group of humans because they are being the embodiment of someone who is self-responsible, of someone who is courageous, of someone who is willing to go where others are not willing to go and stand for things that others are unwilling to stand for.

And in this time of change, there is so much chaos going on around.

We’re in the wake of just recently three mass shootings again in America.

There are all sorts of horrendous things going on in the world in terms of humans hurting humans in many different various ways.

And our climate is in crisis.

It is absolutely in crisis.

And so I have a free webinar coming up with one of my old friends, Tom, who is a fabulous architect and is very well-versed in sustainability and what needs to happen.

He’s going to give us a free webinar on Wednesday night about the changes, that we’re coming to terms with the fact that the world as we know it is ending – and we need to make critical, essential, required, imminent, immediate, radical change.

We need to make radical changes to the ways that we relate to each other, to the ways that we relate to the environment, to the ways that we consume things, to the ways that we shop, to the ways that we eat, to the ways that we relate, to the ways that we travel.

Everything needs to change in order for us to build a better world.

Everything needs to change in order for us to build a better world and do the best we bloody can to reverse the damage that we have inflicted on the planet over the many hundred years of industrialization.

But for that to happen, we require a change in consciousness.

And who are the best people to lead a change in consciousness?

Coaches, healers, practitioners, people on the ground floor in the communities helping to awaken people, helping to shift their mindset, helping to open up their hearts, helping to align their spiritual center with their physical reality.

The reason, in my humble opinion, that we are struggling so much in the world right now is the separation of spirit and matter.

We have gone, “Oh, we don’t need this spirituality thing.”

Because we tied spirituality with religion and went, ”Okay, the separation of church and state.”

We are now throwing away religion.

“Who needs that?”

Which has its own conversation.

But separating out spirit and matter and going, “Okay, so this Earth that is an inherently spiritual thing, well, this is just a commodity. This is just a commodity and we can reduce this down or we can break it up, and we can compartmentalize it, and make it a thing that we can sell, and then create wealth for ourselves.”

Humans are inherently spiritual beings – but when we separate out spirit and matter then there is going to be all kinds of hell breaking loose.

And that is exactly what we are dealing with.

We are dealing with the repercussions of the separation of spirit and matter. And it takes lion-hearted leaders to create a new world to help people reintegrate their spirit back into their bodies.

It’s already there. But helping them to clear away the baggage of what has gotten in the way of them living their authentic truth and their heart-centered truth.

I’ve realized that one of my missions among many is the support of coaches, healers, practitioners to stand with conviction as lion-hearted leaders of our community and do the work that they are called to do, and live in their truth, and live in their joy, and stand with conviction and saying, “Hey! I’m holding up a light in the darkness here. If you feel cold, come and work with me, come and follow me, do my program, let me help you to support you to integrate your own spirit back into your body and live through your authentic truth, to live in connection with the Earth, to make choices based on your authentic self.”

When we as coaches and healers and practitioners stand up with that level of conviction within our communities, then we can facilitate a shift in consciousness.

And a shift in consciousness is exactly what’s required to create a shift in behavior.

And a shift in behavior is absolutely what the planet needs right now.

My way of supporting this shift is to help and support lion-hearted leaders.

Leaders, coaches, practitioners, changemakers, healers who are hiding, who are holding back their truth, who are not speaking their truth, who are not fully standing for their mission because they’re a little bit afraid of, “Maybe I don’t know all the things.”

They’re a little bit afraid that maybe someone’s gonna call them out as a fraud. They’re a little bit afraid that maybe they don’t have the right certifications or all the right qualifications or people are going to judge them, or their family members are gonna think that they’re weird for posting things on social media.

And so, all of these wonderful changemakers who could be making a fucking massive difference in the community, which is required, are holding back, and are hiding, and minimizing themselves, and not speaking their truth, and not standing for what they came to stand for, and not fully embodying with absolute conviction, “This is what I’m doing and this is where I’m going and this is what I stand for.”

And living in their own embodiment of the truth and integration of spirit in matter, and living as a creator of our world.

Some evangelical vibes happening.

When we don’t stand up for our truth, all of our potential clients and community and people who would be enlivened and changed by our work don’t get changed.

One of my dear friends, Claire Stephens, who runs a photography business school, we had our five year friendniversary on Facebook just the other day and she posted:

Game changer – someone that changes your life

She said she didn’t really know what I did when she first met me – but then I gave a demonstration, a mastermind that we were in, and it took her to a place that she’d never been before.

I did some group timeline therapy and it took her on a visualization to a place that she’d never been before – and it awakened something within her that had never been consciously awakened.

We went on a huge healing journey when she joined me in my practitioner training a few years ago and said that meeting me changed her life.

I don’t say this to brag because, lord knows, you guys change people’s lives every day as well. But it felt really nice to hear that and really wonderful to be reminded that by speaking our truth and by being our true selves, we are changing lives, we are changing the course of people’s lives and help their lives become better, and helping them to help other people get better and live lives of more truth and authenticity.

My first teacher in the coaching field, Alice Haemmerle, used to talk about the ripples.

I was one of her mentees and she’s trained hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. And I’ve trained 40 or so people and coached hundreds and hundreds of people.

And with every one of us, the ripples goes further and further and further, and we do get to change consciousness.

We are living in times of change where every single person who feels called to make a change is required. Every single one of us is required. Even if you change one person, you’re changing yourself and you’re changing someone else. So that’s two.

And so, you’re going to multiply, the ripples will go far.

The Growth Collective

I’m really excited to bring to you, to offer to you, to make available to you, this collective that has been brewing inside me for the last few months, and coming together, and getting clearer, and becoming more coalesced into form.

I wanted to release it today but it wasn’t quite ready. And then I went, “Ah, of course, the Lion’s Gate!”

It was going to be called the Coaches Collective – but not everyone thinks of themselves as a coach.

So, the Growth Collective for coaches, healers, practitioners, changemakers, who want to collaborate, who are committed to their own professional growth, who want some support so they can stand in their conviction and get out in the world and communicate their value to communicate their transformational value to the people that they can support and serve.

If you want some help in that from the professional guidance standpoint, from the supervision standpoint, from the mentoring standpoint, from learning other professional models and tools and strategies…

If you would like to be a part of that then stay tuned for my lives over the next few days as we lead up to the Lion’s Gate launch of the Growth Collective.

Now, why am I launching it on the Lion’s Gate?

Well, it just so turned out that I’m in harmony with the cosmos. And it will be ready on the Lion’s Gate when I get the last little pieces of membership site things organized.

It caused me to look into the Lion’s Gate and what that means. And I am not an astrological expert by any stretch of the imagination – but I will get an astrological expert to come and talk to us as a guest expert in the Collective.

I just wanted to read to you this and I’ll post the link of where I referenced this from below when I get off the call.

The Lion’s Gate is the alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. It’s where the Orion’s Belt lines directly with the Pyramids of Giza.

How wild is that?

And it is inside the astrological sign. Like at the moment we’re in the sign of Leo in August, which is the heart center.

In Spiral Dynamics, in the Chakra System, the heart is the integrated point between your higher levels and your lower ones.

So the lower three – one, two, three – and the higher three.

So this heart center, four, is the middle point.

And so, chakra five, but also chakra twelve when you activate your higher senses.

The Lion’s Gate is about the integration point of your spiritual self and the physical realms.

How magical is that?

There’s all of this wonderful energy that is pouring in from Sirius and the Grand Central Sun into our Earth through this cosmic alignment.

Now you might think, “That sounds really weird and I have no idea what you’re talking about, Kylie. You’ve gone off on the woo side.”

That’s fine. I’m cool with that.

Think about how the moon affects the tides. Think about how nurses in hospitals and police in police stations know that when there is a full moon, things get a little bit more crazy in the world.

And so, the cosmic bodies that live out in the cosmos, out in the universe, out in the galaxy, it affects us. The moon affects us. The sun, wherever it is on the planet, it affects us.

If we can kind of grasp that the moon and the sun affect us, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that other planets, no matter how far away, they also affect us?

When there is these kind of planetary alignments then the energy from these different planetary bodies also can affect us. And when there is a clear line, it’s like a torch in the dark. It’s shining that particular light of that particular frequency into our planet.

So the Lion’s Gate is this integration point of lion-hearted royalty, our sovereign codes, the integration of spirit and matter.

And 2019 in the last Lion’s Gate leading up to 2020, which is a huge astrological ascension convergence point, it’s going to be supercharged.

So why not open up the Growth Collective on that day and align my individualized goals with the cosmic goals of ascension?

If you’d like to be a part of it, this gives you a good idea of the level of spiritual, esoteric, physical, manifest, neuroscience stuff that I will bring into the Growth Collective to help you activate your own remembrance, and align it, and communicate it in a way that makes sense to people.

You have a divine knowing. You have a divine spark of sovereignty that lives within you.

And if you fall into the ego traps of fear and minimizing yourself, and not speaking your truth, then the world is missing out on your message.

And so, I would love to support you in giving and sharing whatever I can to help you unleash and remember your sovereignty, your conviction, and your clarity to go and speak your purpose.

Also, I have a lot of amazing, super intelligent, super wise, amazing friends who also have equal and fabulous knowledge in other areas that I would like to invite in as guest mentors and experts to share their knowledge – because lord knows I don’t know everything.

It’s going to open up on 8th of the 8th, on Lion’s Gate.

I’m going to have a big detailed page with all of the information about it. But, basically, it is a community for professional growth and collaboration so that we can all step out into our truth as healers, changemakers, lightworkers, practitioners, and support each other in a non-judgmental,
supportive, heterarchical collaborative space.

I think that’s all I need to say today.

Let’s lead up to Lion’s Gate.

So, for you, aside from maybe joining the Growth Collective if you’d like to, what would you like to call into being for yourself, for your mission, on the 8th of the 8th?

It is a perfect time to launch something, to start something, to call into being your spiritual goals in manifest form.

What would you like to call into being?

Let me know in the comments below.

Big love.

I hope this has served you.

Kylie x

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