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Dana McCauley: Connecting with your purpose

Dana McCauley


Dana is our resident life path and career coach. An award-winning journalist, qualified NLP practitioner and former lawyer, she is here to help if you are contemplating a career change, dreaming of a promotion or craving a deeper level of meaning in your business or career.

After experiencing her own amazing transformation, Dana is passionate about helping women to discover or reconnect with their life’s purpose. If you are struggling to make a career decision, dissatisfied with your job or just feeling stuck, she is here to help you get into alignment.

Dana believes every soul on has a unique contribution to make, no matter how limited their current circumstances may seem. It is her mission to help you unlock your own limitless potential.


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Testimonials for Dana’s coaching sessions

Working with Dana over two NLP sessions has completely rewired tired old narratives that I know were limiting my capacity for empowerment in growth in certain areas of my life.

Initially I was quite skeptical about the effectiveness of NLP, but felt drawn to Dana’s calm and energetic nature which she displayed in her passion and commitment to her practise of NLP. Most importantly… the results have spoken for themselves.

I have experienced the reversal of narratives around my capacity to elicit financial and related career growth. Since the sessions with Dana, I have launched my own very successful business which assists others to do the same. There almost feels like a complete reversal of how I once saw my lot of entitlement and now I am moving forward at a pace I didn’t think possible. Other areas in my life such as my romantic relationships which were floundering but didn’t address have also seen dramatic shifts.

Anyone wishing to try NLP for the first time or wanting to experience a profound shift in the way they perceive themselves would be doing themselves a service by engaging Dana’s services!

– Melissa Daisley


Dana has such has a very inquisitive approach in her work with clients. I find she asks questions that seem to effortlessly help me see my ‘blocks’ from a different perspective. I always feel comfortable and at ease talking to her and find it easy to work through whatever is bothering me. Our last session was so powerful, I came away not even remembering what the ‘block’ or problem was in the first place! Magic.

– Paula Bailey


I had an incredible introduction to NLP with Dana. I had one session with her, aimed at helping me with feelings, responses and more around my young daughter, who has an intellectual disability. I went into it a little skeptical but wanted to be open minded. Within the week that followed I experienced a noticeable change in how I dealt with a few situations that I can only put down to Dana’s NLP. I was calmer and less reactive in situations where I would normally be a little emotional or even offended. I felt good. And my session was done over video chat, as I live in Victoria. This is the result after one introductory experience. I want more.

– Andrea Kellett


Dana is such an amazing coach. Through her clever questioning, intuition and mindset coaching, I had such a big break through. Thank you Dana!

– Katharine Williams


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Dana’s story: How I transformed from a life run on fear to find purpose, meaning and fulfillment

When I discovered NLP back in 2009, I had no idea what was possible for me. I’d just finished qualifying as a solicitor after many years of study and I should have had the world at my feet. Instead, I was terrified.

While my high-achieving classmates were embarking on their legal careers at the big law firms, my future looked bleak. They’d spent their university years slowly building the perfect CVs, while I had avoided thinking about anything beyond graduation. My fear of the future was overwhelming, and I distracted myself with endless parties, romances and dramas.

But once I had that qualification in my hand, I couldn’t avoid reality anymore. A rush of anxiety came over me as I realised that I had no viable prospects – or so I believed.

Soon after, I met Kylie Ryan and embarked on a coaching journey that would change my life. In 10 sessions, we would uncover and release a heavy load of unconscious beliefs that were keeping me stuck in my fearful, negative state, holding me back from taking the action I needed to take, in order to go after my dreams.

Since childhood, I’d secretly wanted to be a writer – the ultimate “unrealistic” goal, was the message I received while growing up. I couldn’t even utter it aloud, instead setting the more modest aim of “getting paid to do something I like and am good at” – which seemed a massive stretch at the time.

My experience of the jobs market had not been good, and my self esteem was non-existent. Having grown up poor and with few role models, I felt paralysed by my all-consuming fear of failure, and destined for a life of mediocrity.

Through NLP, I was able to release these unresourceful thoughts, beliefs and patterns get clear on what I really wanted. As I started taking steps in the direction of my goals, it was like feeling around in the dark. Then one day, out of the blue, I heard myself announcing at a dinner party: “I’m going to go back to uni and study journalism”.

This time around, thanks to the profound mindset shifts I’d made, I threw myself into the course and started building my CV with work experience gigs at newspapers, magazines and radio stations. When I told people what I was doing, they’d often say: “Are there any jobs in journalism?” as the industry was at the beginning of its dramatic shift towards digital news consumption, with newspaper sales declining every year. The old me would have used this as an excuse to give up, just like the GFC was the reason I couldn’t get a decent law job.

But I kept plugging away, and less than halfway through my Masters degree I beat hundreds of applicants to secure a cadetship with one of Australia’s largest media companies. I cut my Masters short and took a graduate certificate, packed up all my belongings and moved to Victoria to start my new career.

In the ensuing years, I achieved my “pie-in-the-sky” goal of becoming an award-winning journalist, taking home two Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards. I moved home to Sydney and spent a year training as a qualified NLP Practitioner with Kylie Ryan – all while continuing my journalistic career.

During this time, I experienced major shifts in other areas of my life, releasing deeply buried fears and unresourceful beliefs around money, love, health, relationships, sexuality and embodiment. I met the love of my life, “accidentally” shifted 9kg of excess weight and began to enjoy a newfound confidence and sense of ease at work.

And I discovered the joy of helping others to shift limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns to clear the way for their own amazing, meaningful contributions to the world. My greatest passion is supporting other women to clarify what they want, let go of limitations and go after their dreams. If you are ready to unleash your best and most unstoppable self, get in touch today.


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