Designing your Year. Set up 2014 now!

Designing your Year. Set up 2014 now!


Do you find yourself saying, “Oh my, it’s (insert month here), where has the year gone?”

Do you feel like it’s only on New Years Eve as you stare at fireworks with a glass of champagne in your hand that you wonder about your life, where it’s headed and what you accomplished in the past year?

Do you keep yourself mired in the busy work of your life and never take the time to step back and plan where you’re headed and what you REALLY want?

If you want to set your year and the rest of your life up for success this is what you need to do.

Critical Steps to Plan Your Year.

1. Take some time away from the busyness of your life to deeply reflect and plan.

2. Reflect and journal out what you loved about the past year, and what you’d like to change.

3. Narrow that down to what you want less of and more of in the following year.

4. Get crystal clarity about your ultimate mission in life. Your big life purpose.

5. Get clarity on your values, and order the heirarchy of what’s truly important.

6. Get clarity on your identity, how you view yourself. And how you’d like to expand your comfort zone and identity in the new year.


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7. Break down your big picture mission into one or two big key projects for the year.

8. Break those big projects, and your identity into daily habits, and principles for your life.

9. Order these daily habits by priority to what will give you the most leverage to move your projects forward. You will only work on mastering one of these habits at a time. No overwhelm.

10. Create a plan for set-backs and obstacles.

11. Diarise key events and milestones. Set reminders in your calendar to keep you on track.

12. Use deep meditation visualisation exercises to create your course in your mind, while leaving the possibilities of Universal co-creation open.

Want me to help you do this?

If you’d like to join me for one full day of reflection and planning, where I lead you through these critical steps to set your up for success in 2014 and beyond, please check out this page with all the info to buy tickets to my Goddesses Create 2014 event.  I have a very special early bird offer for this week only, so click through and get your ticket before Friday 5pm to save $99! Tickets are limited to just 20 ladies, this will be capped intimate event, and you’ll get the chance for me to answer your questions and help you as you work through the steps.

Sunday 15th December 10am-5pm @ VIBE Hotel Gold Coast. $198 early bird.



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