Dieting for events is wrecking your health

Dieting for events is wrecking your health

Wedding? Beach holiday? Birthday Party? School Reunion? Quick! It’s time to lose some weight!

It’s natural to want to look your best at an important event, to have something nice to wear that looks good, and feel at your confident best.

However if your weight loss goals are based entirely around short term events, you’re in trouble. You’ll be more likely to fall prey to quick fix type of diets that damage your metabolism, and more likely to blow out when there’s not an event coming up to keep you “motivated”. Dieting only for events leads to yo-yoing weight, damages your confidence and self-esteem and has long term impacts to your health.

Instead of focusing solely on the next event coming up, use that as one form of short term fuel, BUT make your health decisions by a much longer yardstick. Ask yourself these critical questions:

– Can I realistically consider doing this for the rest of my life?

– Will this plant the seeds of health for my body when I’m 80?

Set a health and body goal for your 80th birthday.

When you’re in your 80’s (so my Nana told me…) the frivolous concerns of whether you look like the pretty young girl in the magazines falls away, When you have deeply grooved smile lines, soft skin and the wrinkles of a life well lived, you are most concerned with how well your body functions. Can you move well? With ease, grace and without pain? Are you able to lift your leg high enough to get up on the bus? Are you steady enough on your feet to not worry about falling and breaking a hip? These are the some of the important concerns as you get into your elder years. Not to mention being free from disease or illness.

Consider thinking about how you could plant the seeds of health today so that you can flourish in your 80’s and 90’s.  Look to these amazing seniors for inspiration…


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Sister Madonnna Buder – 84 year old Triathlete


Nicknamed “The Iron Nun”. Sister Madonna Buder is super tough and inspiring. In 2006 she completed the Ironman triathlon in less than 17 hours, and, at 76, became the oldest woman ever to finish. She didn’t compete in her first triathlon until the age of 55, and has since competed in over 325 events. Yes you read that right. 325!!! In August of 2012 she finished the Subaru Ironman Canada with a record time of 16:32:00 &

Ernestine Shepherd – 77 year old bodybuilder & Personal Trainer

Ernestine began bodybuilding as an oath to her sister, and has been training and inspiring others ever since. When her sister died of a brain aneurism and she fell into Depression, her sister came to her in a dream and reminded her to get back up and keep her oath.



Tao Porchon Lynch –  94 Year old Yogi & Ballroom Dancer


Tao is the world’s oldest yoga teacher according to the Guinness Book of World Records, When she was forced to have hip surgery several years ago her doctor suggested she ought to take it a little easy. Tao would have none of that, and instead took up ballroom dancing. Today the 94-year-old continues to teach yoga, and tears up dancing competitions with her much younger partners and competitors.  Tao is in the pic above too in the stunning red dress…

 If these amazing women can do it, you can too!

Set a health goal for your senior years. Create an image of yourself flourishing with health and vitality well into your elder years. This reminds you of the long term impact of your everyday choices and will help you to nourish yourself today and look better at all the events coming up along the way…

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