The Difference Between Visioning & Dreamy Fantasising

The Difference Between Visioning & Dreamy Fantasising


When I talk about Dreamy Fantasising, there’s a lack of actionable control behind it, like for instance someone working in a job that they don’t like, maybe they’re in a cubicle or in an office, or maybe working from home now after COVID, but they’re doing something that doesn’t fulfil them.

Their day-to-day life feels like a grind.

They’re not visioning, but dreaming about something that would take them out of their reality. 

If it’s winning a holiday or winning the lottery or marrying a rich partner so that you can get taken care of and you don’t have to work, or getting an inheritance from a elderly relative. 

There’s a sense when you’re dreaming that the power and the resources to create that change are outside of yourself. So the power and the resources to create that change or make that a reality is not within your control. 

That’s what I mean about dreamy fantasising. It’s a fantasy that’s within the realms of possibility that something like that might happen, but you have no control over whether it happens or not. 

So there’s no sense of needing to take action. There’s no sense of momentum or desire to take action so that you can get to that goal. 

On the other hand Visioning Your Brilliant Future might have the same eventual outcome, more money, more health, more love, but visioning comes from a sense of expansion and resourcefulness. 

So the resources and the power to make that change and bring that vision into reality are within your control.

An example of that might be growing my business for which there are a thousand things that I could do today to grow my business, finding an ideal partner, which you need to go on dates or go on online sites or go and talk to people, or saving to invest in a house or some other investment versus getting an inheritance. 

There’s something you can do to find an ideal partner.

Notice how, when we’re visioning an ideal brilliant future, there is a sense of power to be able to take action and take a step towards that today. 

Is it within my power to create this reality?

That’s a good way to test between is this actually a fantasy that I’m using just to escape my reality because I’m feeling lack in my reality, or is it actually a vision that is going to call me forward and cause me to grow and take actions so that I can become the person that can inhabit that reality.

It’s the vision that causes me to want to grow. 

It causes me to want to take action. It has an inherent sense of momentum in it, so that you feel empowered and excited and get some energy to take the action to move towards that goal. 

So there’s a clear line between the vision that I have for my future and a step I can take today that will move me towards that. 

If you’re unsure if you’re having a dream or a vision, is it a fantasy or is it  actually a vision? You can ask yourself is the power to create this within my control? 

Is this within my control to take actions and do those things to get that reality, even if you might need to gather resources or learn along the way, is it within my control to do this? 

  • Do I feel empowered when I think about my ability to begin taking steps? 
  • Do I feel like thinking about this, envisioning this and imagining myself in that reality?
  • Does this cause me to feel empowered? 
  • When I think about my ability to take those steps and then the simple, like to ground it into reality, what action can I take today to move towards this reality? 
  • What action can I take today? Even if it’s the tiniest tiniest little step? 
  • What is one action that you could take today to move you towards that reality? 

There’s always something we can do… 

It might be making a post on social media. 

It might be writing that first page of your book, or brainstorming out an outline or reaching out to a friend to gather resources or starting to do some research. 

Ideally, we want to be taking an action that engages us with the world so that it’s not just stuck in the bubble of you and you, or me and me.

Not just inside that dreamy land, but it’s actually engaging with the world and interacting with the world so that you can get feedback to keep moving towards your goal.

That is one of the best ways to activate your wealth frequency and start activating that money magnet to actually start taking action.

Even if that initial action isn’t the thing that causes you to get a new client or grow your business, it starts the momentum, it starts the ball rolling, and it gets you into a state of feeling resourceful and grateful and appreciative and in momentum, which makes you a magnet to more wealth, more clients, more energy, and it gets you into flow. 

What vision are you calling in and what action are you taking to make it happen?

Let me know in the comments below what you took from this, and if you’re brave enough to share one of your visions to architect, a brilliant future, and we might be able to help you with it.

Kylie x

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