Do you hate your body?

Do you hate your body?

Do you? Really? Be honest with yourself.

Do you hate all of your body or just certain body parts? Like your thighs or your back fat, or your tummy or your wrinkles?

If you do hate or dislike parts of yourself, how does this make you feel? Awful right?

As women, we are conditioned by magazines and advertising to think that we are not pretty enough, slim enough, smooth enough, tanned enough, toned enough etc. Models are impossibly beautiful, slim and toned, and getting more impossible with photoshop. Even models and actresses don’t look like their photos do in real life. They probably hate parts of themselves too. Check out  this photo of Madonna below, or this video

Advertisers and marketers want you to hate parts of yourself. They want you to feel dissatisfied with where you are now, so they can sell you the solution to your problem.

Sometimes this is not so bad, because you might actually have a problem that some product could solve. However it has gotten out of hand, and as a society we are chasing impossible ideals of beauty and fitness.

When you chase an impossible ideal, a part of your mind knows that this is not possible and gives up. But you don’t stop wanting to be that way, and being dissatisfied with yourself. This is not healthy and feeds into the emotional eating cycle creating sadness, guilt, frustration and more chocolate cookies, wine and skipping the gym.


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Look around you at the local gym or pool or shopping centre. This is what real women look like. Some slim, some fit, some curvy, some overweight.

However it is possible to be slim and healthy, and feel good about yourself. You might think that you’ll feel good about yourself and love yourself when you are slim, but you must love yourself as you are in order to become slim.

Remember that your body is more than just how it looks, even if you are overweight now, you can love your body just as it is, you can love it for what it does for you, how it moves and gets you around, you can love it for the potential it has. You have unlimited potential for fitness and health. Your body is regenerating and creating new cells all the time. Every single cell in your body is replaced within a year. That’s amazing! Your body is an incredible organism and you can love it and be grateful for it as it is.  Give yourself permission to love your body right now.

Notice how that feels. Notice how much more likely you are to nourish yourself with healthy food and do exercise to move your body when you are loving yourself.

Let me know how you feel about your body right now…

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