Do you have good intentions?

Do you have good intentions?

Don’t they say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”?

Do you have good intentions to eat well, or start exercising, but never seem to get around to it?

I have recently been away from home for 3 months. I was away following my other passion, which is singing. I had a lot of good intentions of tasks I wanted to accomplish with my business while I was away. To be honest, I did not do very many of them at all.

It got me thinking, why don’t we follow through sometimes? Of course I know sometimes it is because some of those tasks don’t feature highly enough on our values or priorities, they are not meaningful enough to us. Or perhaps they are meaningful but we don’t have positive habits in place to support those values.

Just this morning I was walking out the door and I nearly locked myself out of the house. I didn’t lock myself out though because I have a habit of checking I have my wallet, phone and keys in my hand as I walk out the door. I absolutely don’t lock the door unless I can see or feel those three things. So that habit saved me this morning.

I think I didn’t do a lot of the things I intended to with my business because I was away from home and out of my habitual work routine, and I failed to create good productive habits while I was away.

Habits are what keep us going when life gets in the way. They are small actions that accumulate over time to make big changes. Often habits just happen over time. What if you could take your good intentions and break them down into daily actions that could become habits? How much easier would it be to get those results?


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When you actively create positive habits that support your goals and intentions, you are taking charge of your life. you are no longer at the effect of outside influences, you are actively creating your life as you want it to be. This is a powerful mindset to create, and can change every aspect of your life.

Have a think now about your good intentions and you habits…

  • What daily habits do you have that support your intentions?
  • What habits do you have that undermine your intentions?
  • What habits could you create to support your intentions?

Usually it takes about a month to create a new habit. What new habits could you have installed by this time next month?  Think of one thing that would make a massive change  to your health and make a commitment to yourself that you will do that thing every day for the next month.

It may be as simple as visualizing your healthy body while you have a shower, saying positive affirmations while you drive / commute to work. Notice how easy it is to hook a new habit into a habit that you already have.

Break your good intentions down into daily or weekly tasks that can become habitual and notice the difference that makes to your results.

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