Are you dry-docked and stuck?

Are you dry-docked and stuck?

Hey, team! I am here on Waiheke Island for one of my dear friends’ weddings, to sing at it actually, and we just saw these boats that were beached on a different beach at low tide. It just got me thinking that it doesn’t matter how great your boat is, if the tide is wrong, then you are always going to struggle to get out to sea. You’re not gonna get out there, because you don’t have the right conditions.

And so, sometimes if you’re struggling in life, then it might just be that you’re in the wrong conditions, and perhaps you just need to wait for the tide to change. If you’re doing all the right things and not getting the results that you want, maybe you just need to keep at it a bit longer and wait for the tide to change, so that it can lift you up and take you with it, and then you can get the results and the success that you want.

Just a little thought today, and I had to capture it for you in this amazing location. So that’s it. Bye!

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