Evolutionary Coach Application

Could you be one of us? Could you be an Agent of Evolution?

If you’ve known you were different your whole life.

If you have always had a deep hunger for wisdom, growth and learning.

If you are feeling called to make a much bigger difference, you might be one of us.

If you have been coaching for ages and your current toolbox just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore; you might be one of us.

If you are transitioning to coaching & mentoring from success in another industry; you might be one of us.

It’s less about the matter of your history and more about the calling of your Higher Self.

This is for change-makers who are hungering for more. Who aren’t looking for a certification to validate them, but are seeking deep, powerful wisdom and the keys to evolutionary transformation.

For those who want to go beyond the script into quantum change, AND want a community of badass entrepreneurs who are not just love-light and clueless, who are using their magic to make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

The Evolutionary Coach deeply understands the precipice that humanity is on right now, and has the tools to support themselves and others to be a powerful force for good.

The Evolutionary Coach Mentorship is an intensive immersion of 8 days together live in Sydney and 12 months of ongoing support, training & mentoring.



If we’re a fit to work together, and we both know it, there will be a decision to make at the end of our call, and an investment of time, money, energy and commitment.

A commitment to your own personal transformation in 2020. I don’t take this lightly…

Learning this wisdom and travelling this journey is a sacred task and not for the faint hearted; but for Agents of Evolution, when you’re called… you’re called.

Tell me all about you and let’s have a conversation. If we’re not a fit, no sweat. You’ll get a far deeper insight into your own goals and creative power, and a few magical breakthroughs simply from talking with me.

If we are a fit, strap in, you will be called to step into your highest path.

with love,


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