Emotional Eating Mastery Program

Still Struggling with Emotional Eating?

Out of Control. Guilty. Embarrassed. It’s just food! It doesn’t have to be that way!



Join me for 30 days to Master your Emotional Eating

Short daily video lessons to give you a new insight into your eating habits, 1:1 chat coaching for me to assist you personally, and advanced hypnosis to re-wire your brain while you relax so that you don’t need willpower to stop fast food, soft-drinks or chocolate.



Doughnut.001So many women who struggle with Mindless & Emotional Eating tell me that this addiction is so much worse than any other, because unlike alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, you can’t just go cold-turkey and never eat again. AND the object of your addiction is everywhere, in your fridge, in every supermarket, petrol station and cafe, in every TV ad break, in your childs’ lunchbox, and you need to have it every couple of hours…


It makes you wonder… how do they do it?

You know, those women who effortlessly eat one square of chocolate with a cup of tea and then leave the rest of the block.

Who forget about the chocolate chips they bought to make cookies with, that are up in the cupboard hidden from the children. Who can LEAVE chips and bread on their plate when they go out for dinner.

Imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t thinking about food all the time?

How much extra brain-space you would have…

How much lighter you would feel?

How much slimmer you would be?

How much more in control and “on-top-of-things”?

It is possible to break food addiction, craving, mindless & emotional eating.

But the problem is there are so many variations, you need to know which one/s you have and how to re-wire them inside your brain.

And it’s not about dieting and deprivation either…

You’ve been fooled into thinking that you’re weak, lazy and have no self-control. When the truth is we are wired for pleasure! We’re wired to want more. It’s no wonder we have this problem in our society. BUT there is a way to solve it, without giving up all the chocolate and biscuits.

The secret key is inside your unconscious mind. You must rewire your habits and strategies so that you can get pleasure from other places too, and food is not your only option for comfort or energy when you’re tired.

You must re-wire your brain.

I have been working with women on these issues for 11 years now after overcoming my own food addictions, cravings, self-sabotage. It is time that I put together a training just for emotional and mindless eating. So this is it.

Over 30 days we will work together in a private Facebook group. Just us. All with the same goal, working together to solve these deep-seated emotional issues with food.

There will be daily video training. All new hypnosis sessions to stop a craving in its tracks, Q&A Chats, and simple, powerful tasks.

What I’ve learned from my other online courses is that it needs to be simple, short enough for you to do it, and POWERFUL enough to get a massive result.

I want you to join me, to work with me live over 30 days to overcome your food issues once and for all.



  • Daily, short and sweet video training that you can check into, comment on and implement immediately.
  • Our own private Facebook group, where you can ask me anything over the duration of the course.
  • 6 custom hypnosis sessions, with the latest audio-technology to rewire your brain to stop cravings.
  • Bonus hypnosis sessions for drinking, fast food, soft-drinks.
  • PLUS: 1 year access to the course materials, outside facebook for you to review as you need it.

Science + Strategies + Support +Spirit.

The coaching methods I use are backed by science. I am known for balancing practical, real world strategies that really work with a bit of woo-woo Spirituality to ensure a change to your whole being, not just your eating. The support you will receive in this group will totally blow your mind as we all work through this together and solve this problem. Expect real, raw, powerful transformation, in a place where you feel fully supported and never, ever judged.

Imagine being that woman who can easily leave the cake, cookies and chips behind.

Who can say “No, thank you Auntie Jane, I’m full” with conviction and certainty.

Who can walk through a service station and not even see the packaged food that lines the shelves…

This can be you!

Sound to good to be true?

Well obviously I don’t have an actual magic wand, you need to show up, commit to the training and do the work. BUT it is possible. I have seen it happen time and time again. and I am committed in this live training to work with the group to ensure that you have success. If you commit to following through, I will commit to helping you to get results.

How much time will it take?

The training videos will be about 5 minutes each day. I’m going to do them inside Facebook so that it is super easy to access, comment and interact. (You’re hanging out in there anyway aren’t you!)

Some videos will be live so we can interact, and I will be super active through the training to answer questions as we go through.

This is a live training so we work through it together. No falling behind. You need to be able to commit to 5 mins each day for the video, and 15 mins each day to listen to a hypnosis mp3.

Help me. I want in now!

How much is it?

$297. Ridiculous value. The training you will receive in this course is easily valued at $3000, and the change you will experience will be priceless!