Everybody needs to learn this…

Everybody needs to learn this…

Her eyes lit up and a smile bloomed across her face, “Ah, now I know why he does that! Oh. My. God! That is incredible.”

She looked at me across the room and her eyes began to well up with gratitude, “You know, this is going to completely change my parenting and my son’s life, I can’t believe no one ever told me this before. He’s a kinesthetic learner! Not slow or disinterested in school. This is going to change everything.”


I believe that learning NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is essential for every single human being.

Every time I see someone learn the Mindset Mastery skills that NLP equips you with, they always exclaim something like this:

“WOW, Why don’t they teach this in schools, everybody needs to know this!”

NLP completely changes the way you understand yourself and the world, it gives you the secret manual to understand people’s behaviour, so you are more compassionate, understanding and able to easily adapt and communicate with anyone.

Here’s some of the massive benefits you will discover when you learn NLP.

You discover and appreciate who you are.

NLP teaches you to understand yourself in a way that you never have before. It teaches you why you do the things you do, what makes you, you. It helps you to be compassionate with your quirks and challenges, and see strengths you may have never seen before.

You finally understand your loved ones.

Want to know why your husband never answers you while he’s watching the football? Or why your kids don’t come when you call them for dinner? Want to know why one of your children loves reading and is the “top of the class” but your other child hates school and finds it boring and frustrating? There are profound differences in the way that each of us process information. A secret code of meta-programs that means that it is like your loved ones are talking a completely different language to you and each other. These differences are the cause of every misunderstanding, frustration and fight.  When you understand your meta-programs, and can recognise them in your loved ones, you can communicate in a way that gets through, to create love, harmony and understanding.

You discover how to shift your thinking in an instant.

NLP teaches you the skills to change your thinking and feeling in an instant. This means that you can master your behaviour and feelings in ANY situation. Struggling with nerves before you have to give a presentation at work? No problem. Blistering with anger at something your partner said to you? Diffuse it in a minute.  Imagine having that skill to master yourself. It’s almost like having a SUPERPOWER.

You heal and release your past.

NLP has an incredible library of tools, techniques and processes to help you to heal, release and let go of any past baggage, trauma, stress, or fears. The simple truth is that you are walking around, projecting your past fears and limiting beliefs into your future. You are constantly repeating patterns that you learned when you were too young to know any better. Got commitment issues and want to leave your partner minute your relationship gets serious? Or fall deeply in love with them and find that they leave? Over and over? Sabotage yourself with an injury or binge eating as soon as you start to make progress towards your goal weight?

Everybody has patterns of sabotage that we spiral through, the places and people are different, but the pattern is the SAME. NLP can teach you how to release those patterns for good, and create a new pattern for your future that shifts your life to your ultimtate goals.

You gain the upper-hand in business and life.

When you know these skills, you really do have an edge in business and life. You are able to make massive leaps forward where others stay stuck. You are able to effortlessly hit goal after goal, while others go around in circles. You become an expert communicator and negotiator, so no-one ever takes you for a ride, or oversteps your boundaries. With these skills, your success becomes a certainty.

You easily negotiate challenges and setbacks.

Everyone faces challenges, setbacks and hard times in life. They will always be there. Your success depends on how quickly and resiliently you are able to recover, bounce-forwards and recalibrate to your goals. NLP gives you the tools you need to take life’s hits and challenges, deal with the emotions and thinking then and there, and gracefully bounce over them.

You discover your spirit, faith and compassion.

Learning NLP is a doorway to spiritual growth. Regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs, when you learn and practice NLP, you activate within yourself your potential to be your best, most compassionate, loving higher self.

You discover your mission and purpose.

NLP can help you to discover what you are really meant to do in your life. So often we follow the path that is laid down by well-meaning parents, teachers or society, when really our heart clamours to do something else. When you peel away the layers of baggage, that keep you trapped, you will discover your core self, and reveal your evolving life’s mission.


11 years ago I learned NLP from my dear teacher Alice, and have mastered it in my own life and through coaching others. NLP was the catalyst that helped me to lose weight, get out of debt, find the love of my life, become a successful professional singer, and build a multiple six-figure part-time business while parenting 2 gorgeous children.

Now, I am so honoured to be passing the torch to the next generation of leaders, so that they too can master these skills and see the profound shift it brings to their own lives.


If you are really interested in learning NLP with me and mastering your own Mindset, then let’s talk.

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