Everything after “F*ck it!” is a bad idea.

Everything after “F*ck it!” is a bad idea.

You know when you’re weighing stuff up, sometimes you say “ah, stuff it!” and then make a choice. I want you to remember that whatever you choose after that is not good for your long term health and happiness.

I have found that with the many hundreds of women I speak to about losing weight and self-doubt and gaining slimness and confidence, everyone has a slight variation on this process. Everyone.

This is “It’s just this one. It doesn’t really matter. I might as well eat it, it’s here now. Stuff it!”

What are your “stuff it” words?

When you’re weighing something up, you will naturally and unconsciously weigh the pros and cons of your decision. The yes and no. What you might not realise is that each choice has TWO sets of yes and no.  A yes and no for now and a yes and no for later. When you’re saying yes to one you’re also saying yes to the other.

chocolate + yes = quick satisfaction now + sugar slump + empty calories later = extra fat.
chocolate + no  =  a bit harder now + build self-belief + feel good later = leanness & health.


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Pleasure now or later.

At all times you’re choosing between pleasure now or later. When you choose quick pleasure now, you will have to deal with the equal and opposite pain later. “Stuff it” is the mechanism of instant gratification. I don’t have to deal with the pain now so I won’t worry about it.

However when you stack up a whole load of little decisions like that eventually your pleasure dome comes crashing down around you and you have all that pain to deal with. If you’re struggling with extra weight, that’s why it’s so hard for you, you’re finally facing the consequences of all those little hits of pleasure you gave yourself ages ago.

Now it’s not right or wrong to choose one or the other. Just one unhealthy, sugary, fatty meal will not make you fat, just like one salad will not make you slim. However when the balance of your decisions are interest free: Eat now pay later, remember that debt will be called in someday.

The cool thing is that after a while of saying yes to health and no to sugary fatty blegh, you eventually start to feel that the challenge of health and making good decisions for yourself is pleasurable.

So the next time you want to say: “ah, stuff it!” and then eat something, remember this; then put it down and walk away. It’s not worth it. You deserve more.


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  1. Right on Kylie! Reminds me of your recent point, ask yourself will this action take me towards or away from my goal….that’s been working for me, so simple but grounding.

    • Yep! It’s the simplest strategies, applied daily, that will get you there! 🙂

  2. this is a good article and a good website to go visit 🙂

  3. Kylie! I love every article you love – they are full of so much gold! Plus..it’s like you’re in my head haha. You foxy freak of nature!

    • Ooops correction. I love every article you write.

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