Expansion and Contraction are both okay

Expansion and Contraction are both okay

In the past few months I have returned to 1:1 private coaching.

I learned the most wonderful, potent, powerful new change process late last year – The Spiral – it was a transformational process to learn it. I needed to test it out, practice, integrate and embody it.

I have been coaching other healers, coaches, change-makers and entrepreneurs who are out there “in the arena” doing their best to make the world a better place.

It is truly wonderful, profound and heart-opening.

It goes against 90% of business advice that is out there for coaches to expand, scale and leverage..

And it is perfectly right for me, right now.

I am an evolving being. My business will evolve with me. To evolve, sometimes you need to de-construct.

Expansion and Contraction is the nature of the Universe.

To think one can expand, and expand, and expand without the contraction is futile. When cells endlessly expand they become malignant, and end up consuming their host and eventually die in the process.

I am anticipating and excited about what the future whispers for my next business expansion phase, but for now I wanted to share with you that for me now things are small, intimate, deep, and powerful. I’m in a deep dive consolidation. It’s beautiful.

If you’re in a contraction phase too, I want to reassure you, it’s ok.

It’s easy to become critical of yourself when you’re in a contraction phase. It can be messy and uncertain.

Nothing big happens that others can see. You will not get validation from outside yourself.

This is the void. This is the womb of your next creation. This is the training ground for learning to self-validate, to esteem yourself. To detach from material gauges as the measure of your worth or contribution.

Remember that this is just as important as the expansion.

This is growing roots. This is calling in the energy, stability, clarity and power for your next flowering.

Trust your process. It doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. It is yours and yours alone.

Kylie x

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