The reason most people FAIL to change, and what you CAN DO about it to make a quantum leap into 2018

The reason most people FAIL to change, and what you CAN DO about it to make a quantum leap into 2018

Today I want to talk to you about why most people can’t sustain a change and how you can make 2018 your best year ever.

It’s interesting how most people really struggle to make a change. I’ve been thinking about it myself because I’ve making a big change as well. Bianca and I are really changing the way that we’re doing things and radically upleveling the way that we run things at My Mind Coach.

The reason that most people struggle to make a change is because instead of living in the memory of their future selves, they’re living as the progression, as the evolution of their past self. It’s impossible to make a quantum leap when you are just living in the evolution of your past self. Anyone that’s made a huge quantum leap forward has had a vision of the future, a huge vision from the future, and instead of working forwards from their past, they have worked backwards from their future.

The reason why most people fail at making big changes is because they’re living forward in time.

And so, the reason why most people fail at making BIG change, epic upleveling, and really making those quantum shifts is because they’re living forward in time. Which is how most people do time, right? We do linear time from the past to the future. But what if instead of living from your past forwards, you could live from your future backwards? Imagine that.

And the reason that you struggle to make a change is because you’re living from your past forwards. What do I mean by that? It’s like you set a goal for yourself to lose weight, or earn more money, or start a business, or do something profound – many of you will start to set New Year’s resolutions and goals for next year – and when the time comes for you to actualize those goals, all of your past stuff comes up: “Oh my god, I’ve never done this before. Oh my god, I’m a fraud. How can I do this? Who am I to do this? I don’t have the skills to do this.” Or, “Who will believe me? Who’s going to buy something from me? Who’s going to invest in me? What do I have to offer?”

All of those types of fears are coming from your past self that didn’t have the answers, that didn’t know how to offer that solution for that person. But your future self DOES know the answers and has made those changes.

In order for you to live a new life and create a new reality, you have to stretch your comfort zone beyond your current capacity.

In order for you to live a new life and create a new reality, you have to stretch your comfort zone beyond what you are currently capable of, beyond your current capacity. In order to receive more from the world, you need to stretch your container so that you have the capacity to hold that new reality. You need to stretch your ability to live in that new frequency.

If you are just living from your past forward, then all you have are your past memories to gauge by, the times where you have tried and maybe it didn’t work out the way you wanted. Or the times where you struggled or someone gave you bad feedback or someone was mean to you. And when you live from that type of operation, then you have all these negative voices in your mind of like, “Oh my god, I can’t do it. Who am I to do this?” All of that negative chatter happens.

Connect with your future self and live in her memory.

But if you project forward instead to the future YOU that has already done this, that has already achieved the goal that you want to achieve, who’s already made the million dollars, who’s already started the business, who’s already lost the eight, who’s already found the husband, who’s already had a child, whatever it is, the person that has already done that, there is a future you that exists out there in the world that has already done this. And so, instead of living from your past self forward, I want you to connect with your FUTURE SELF, with the vision of you that has already done this, and live in her memory instead.

What did she do? How did she get there? How did she overcome these challenges? Who did she talk to? What were the types of things that she did? How did she do them?

One of my beautiful mentors, Ivonne Delaflor, says, “The future leaves clues.” And isn’t this incredible? This forest that I am in now, years and years ago, I was just in the Centennial Park Cafe journaling out some things, and I used to work at that café 14 years ago. I used to work there as a waitress and now I am a business owner, coach, trainer, and leader sitting in that café, visioning out my next year. And this very forest that I’m standing in, I’ve played in here with my kids, and I’ve also climbed a tree over there when I was drunk and being crazy. So my future self that was here doing this video left a clue for me that this forest was a magical place for me. It left a clue for me.

The future leaves clues.

It’s interesting. My brother-in-law has this tattoo on his arm of a cherry blossom. I was like, “Did you have that before you met your wife (my husband’s sister)?” He said, “Yeah, I did.” And he’s got a cherry blossom tattoo as well. So it’s like the future of them being together left clues when he got that cherry blossom, when his future self said, “Hmmm, maybe I might like a cherry blossom tattoo.” Or when my past self came to this forest and said “Wow, this is a magical place.”

What was the magic there? The magic there was this future me now making this video, thinking to that time that I had then. It’s a bit of a back to the future moment.
Imagine if your future self was leaving you clues right now. What are the clues that your future self is leaving you right now about your future, about all of the awesome magic that exists in your future?

Let me know in the comments below… What are your future clues? What’s your future self leaving for you now? What’s a big change that you would like to make in 2018? And how can you, instead of living from your past self, live in the memory of your future self?

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