What do you do when you fall off the wagon?

What do you do when you fall off the wagon?

If my clients say to me – “I fell off the wagon this week!” – my response is – GOOD!

If you are on the wagon it means that someone else is pulling it & doing the work! Step down off it & walk the track- 1 step after the other.

I know this is important to you – to be healthy, happy & live your life with everything you want & desire! Moving forward and TRACKING yourself is not just about your movement, it is about your thoughts as well!

Here a few little tips to get you focused & back on track!

Rendez-vous avec moi
  • Make a meeting with yourself to create movement/exercise – create the time in your week! Schedule it in your phone just like you do with your work & social life.

This month I have had a lot of change and cancelled on myself. The result is that I haven’t honoured myself – so hence I feel yuk.  Lesson – create a new routine for me that takes into consideration my new situation. 

Get creative with your eating.
  • Be accountable to yourself!  Write down what you eat, it creates awareness & be responsible for looking after you by what you put in your mouth!

I subcribe to a few different magzines and newsletters so that I keep my cooking fun & dynamic – as I am guilty of picking the same yummy 15 dishes and eating them each week.

Size up your plate
  • Remember that your body is changing as you are moving more. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate – it is ok to have left overs for lunch. Listen to your body – this includes eating protein with each meal it will keep you fuller for longer!

I will eat my dinner on a smaller plate or a bowl to watch the size of the meals I eat at night as I am going to bed – it is an awareness thing for my body as if I eat too much at night I ended up with indigestion and I have to delay going to bed – then I don’t get enough sleep which leads to less re-charge time.

  • We all lead busy lives, so sit down and plan out your meals. Bulk cook where possible – so that you are prepared if you get home tired or late or just don’t feel like cooking that evening.

Some nights I will poach some chicken in boling water with fresh lime and pepper and add it to a rainbow salad with rocket, nuts and goats cheese! Yum!

Maintenance is a myth

It is actually all about balance! I have a float range of 5kgs because in month my body shifts and changes due to my hormones etc. I go by the rule of 80/20. Find what works for you! It will take time – it took time to rid yourself of the weight – physcial and emotional.

Hence I don’t beat myself up if I have popcorn and chocolate at the movies, because I balance it out with my clean eating. Since I have been eating more balanced my body will react if I overload on food that it doesn’t like it – not pretty but because I listen to my body now it is easier to re-set. 

Dear Diary
  • Write down your emotions – track how you are feeling! Your mindset is the biggest card you have to play! Be grateful for this amazing life & body – it is the only 1 you have! This is no dress rehearsal. Once you make the decision you are half way there – positive or negative choice – Practice gratitude daily!

Some days I write one sentence, other days a page. Better out than in – so take charge of your thoughts – be aware – be loving – be kind – Remember you tried beating yourself up around how you look or felt for years – didn’t really work did it? So try this – write down 10 things that you are grateful about your life, body, health – I know you will feel amazing when you read through it x

Post by: Selina McGarrigle – Life Stylist & MMC Coach.

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