Fast Decisions

Fast Decisions


Hi there, everybody! Coming to you live with another weightless woman tip.
Today’s tip is that a weightless woman makes fast decisions and takes fast action to move towards what she wants.
So, what do I mean by that, and how does a weightless woman make fast decisions?
Well, first of all, she knows what she wants. And she has a clear definite purpose and intention for what she wants to achieve in life.

A weightless woman has a clear definite intention for what she wants to achieve in life.

So when opportunities arise and present themselves, she is able to make clear and fast decisions. Does this move me forward towards what I want or not? And with that clear definite purpose, it’s very easy to make fast decisions. Does this move me forward, or does it not? And then take action. And so when an opportunity shows up then a weightless woman can take fast action.
How does she know? The connection is between the head, the heart, and the gut. There is amazing Neuroscience and lots of incredible studies that are validating intuition. This intuition involves your mind: aligning your head, your heart, and your gut so that making a decision can move you forward quickly.
When you do that, when you get that feeling in your gut plus excitement and vision, then it’s time to take action. The reason a weighted women can’t take action, or that they have to wait

W-E-I-G-H-T leads to W-A-I-T.

Thank you Carolyn Myss for that one. When a weighted woman waits, she tends to get an idea or an opportunity then she procrastinates, she doesn’t take action and she doesn’t make a clear decision. That’s because she doesn’t have a clear definite purpose that she’s moving towards.
So, your tip for today is to really think, go deep inside and ask yourself, “What is my clear definite purpose in life? What is my chief aim? What am I trying to achieve with my life right now?”

The reason that most people end up living a life that they don’t want is because they don’t have a clear outcome for what they want to achieve.

They’re not living a life by design. They are just floating along the stream of things that happen. They end up experiencing a life where lots of things happen to them that they feel like they have no control over.
If you are in a situation now where you feel like you have no control over your life or have less control and things are happening to you, I encourage you to journal. Get a clear fresh journal and start to ask yourself, “What do I want? What do I really want?” And sometimes the only answer that comes is, “What do I not want? What do I not want now?” And so sometimes it might be writing down all the things that you don’t want to start with, then flipping it around so that you can get clear on what you do want. Then you can come up with a clear definite aim that you’re working towards in your life.
So that is a key to being able to make fast decisions and take fast action so that you can start to co-create what you truly want in your life. I hope you have enjoyed this tip.
Let me know in the comments below: what is your “Chief Definite Purpose and Aim in life? And are you able to make fast decisions and take fast action?

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