Feminine Power Diagnostic

Feminine Power Diagnostic

Find out where you’re leaking power and how to fix it, so you can get better results without having to work harder!

Just follow these two simple steps:

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Bianca:  Welcome, Wonder Woman! I am stoked that you’re here! It is a very noisy marketplace out there, but I know it’s even noisier up here. Now that the universe has connected us, I’d like to ask you to give yourself complete permission to be present, so you can receive this super powerful information we’re about to share with you.

I’m Bianca Aiono. And I’m one half of Australia’s premier training organization of personal development for professional women, My Mind Coach, Home of the Queen Collective Mastermind. My business partner Kylie Ryan and I have spent the last 15 years immersed in feminine leadership and helping women wake up to their potential.

Kylie:  Hi, I’m Kylie Ryan of My Mind Coach, and together we help high-achieving women create their best body, most fulfilling relationships, and true prosperity without adding more to their to-do list by mastering their mindset and energy.

Bianca: You see… Powerful women who are visionaries, creators, and are building an empire often are going about it with an imbalance between their masculine and their feminine energy. It means there’s this “go hard or go home mindset” so they can be experiencing success in one area of their life, whilst crisis, chaos and self-sabotage run rampant in another area of their life.

And it doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to have your success come at a consequence of your body, your relationships, and the way that you receive the abundance and flow that you’ve been working so hard to create.

Feminine Power Mapping Kit

Kylie:  Today, in your feminine power mapping kit, we are going to help you diagnose the secret areas of your life where you are leaking power and the extent to which they have control over you. And then, I’ll be revealing to you the secret code to help you unlock these aspects of your feminine power and access more of your divine potential.

Bianca:  We’re going to help you go from overworked and underappreciated to potent and on purpose. We’re going to help you stop that micromanaging and feeling you’ve got to white knuckle grip to control everything, so that you can be a key person of influence, the reigning queen of your life. We’re going to help you let go of the need to chase and hunt and force your results, and instead balance your masculine and feminine energies and draw to you what it is that you truly want, instead of just being this never-ending hamster wheel of hustle and grind.

Essentially, there’s 4 key areas that starve women off the ability to enjoy the delicious life that they are working so hard to achieve:

1. Physical Fatigue

This manifests as adrenal fatigue, poor gut health, low libido, hormonal imbalance, infertility and excess weight. The deeper cause behind these really frustrating problems is that high-achieving women often find it really difficult to invest in their own self-care as a loving and non-negotiable part of their daily routine, as opposed to something they do when they’re forced to by pain, problems, or the doctor.

2. Emotional Famine

This is manifested in a feeling of disconnection, feeling lonely even in a crowded room, that leads to things like unhealthy habits, relying on food & wine to manage emotions and energy levels. This is a symptom of having blocked yourself from true intimacy with your own spirit and the important people that you really care about and love.

3. Mental Fatigue

This shows up as anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, frustration, and the inability to make a decision over even simple things. The deeper cause is running a never-ending to-do list, being over-responsible for other people’s problems, and constantly moving the goalpost of success, so you never get to stop, enjoy and relax. It’s a symptom of the ego’s need to control everything so that you feel safe. It’s the reluctance to let anybody else take over so you can relax. The only available to all problems is simply to work harder.

4. Spiritual Famine

This is manifested in emptiness, boredom, lack of passion for life. It’s when you’ve built it all up and want to burn it down because you’ve got a feeling of utter pointlessness. The deeper cause is that you haven’t connected what you’re doing to the greater unfolding of life itself — the deepest purpose of all. You don’t feel like you’re a part of anything bigger and feel lost and disconnected. Your deeper self is really yearning to be a part of something bigger and experience that joy and abundance that you’ve been working so hard for but can’t seem to receive.

Those 4 areas are critical to unlocking your divine potential.

If you’re ready to let go of feeling unclear, anxious and resistant, and instead tap into that deeper knowing that you are powerful beyond measure and the creator of your reality, then let’s dive in!

The important thing to remember is that as women, regardless of whether or not you’re a mother, we can harness the force of the Universe to breathe life into our creations.

We already have an inherent level of power that historically has been oppressed or hidden away, and women are only just now rising up and waking to how powerful they really are.

The Hidden Kryptonite

These three hidden areas of kryptonite leech women off their power both on a conscious level and on a subconscious and even on a deeper energetic level.

1. Body

Firstly, women leech their power when it comes to their body, as it relates to their image, how they see themselves, and how they perceive others’ view and judge them. How they embody their health and the expression of their inner vitality. And in their habits. How well they consciously invest and nourish into their well-being and their self-care. How well they align their behaviours with their desires. Essentially, how well they can walk their talk when it comes to their health.

2. Money

The next area of kryptonite is money. How they make their money, how fulfilled and meaningful they are in their career, the amount of money they get paid. And that’s broken up into small subsections of how they charge or how much they earn, their spending behaviours, and also the amount that they keep and they can accumulate.
And then time. How long does it actually take for them to earn that money? And how long do they continually think and run lists around in their head in exchange for their money?

3. Relationships.

Lastly, in their relationships. Their relationship to their self and their inner critic. Their relationship with their soulmate, deep fulfilling connections, and their relationships with their tribe — their family, their friends and their clients.

Complete your Power Diagnostic

What we’d like you to do now is fill out your diagnostic test. Answer the questions, add up your score, and you’ll have a percentage of your power potential that you’re currently operating at.

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