Food Freedom Formula – VIP Client Agreement

Dear Beautiful Friend,


Welcome to a figure and fitness adventure like no other you have embarked upon.
Prepare to have your most deeply held beliefs challenged and your innermost thoughts extracted, examined, reshaped and reinstalled.

Food Freedom Formula™ was born out of a need to detox women from the deeply ingrained beliefs that have been forced upon us by unscrupulous diet industry propaganda. The extent of their influence reaches back generations into our past and will continue to affect those of our present and future, unless WE become the change we wish to see for our daughters and sons.

This program is to show you that it’s not your fault you’re overweight – and in fact you’ve been manipulated since before you were born to ;

think about your body in a particular way,
eat foods that have been modified for profit,
distrust your body’s natural healing abilities and
ignore the power of your mind-body connection

The solution lies in recognising that everything in your body is purposeful, and your excess weight is no mistake – but rather an evolutionary fail-safe mechanism that has allowed us to survive in times of winter and famine.

Your salvation lies in identifying the factors in your life that your body perceives as a threat; and then by communicating to your body’s ancient warrior woman mind that she does not need the extra layers for her survival.

Then, it’s like you’ve flicked the switch and just like a sculpture of an ice maiden melting in the sun, you’ll be able to shed those layers, and let the light of your true self shine through.

Your weight is not a physical problem – you will come to see it is a wake up call and vehicle for your soul-expansion! Welcome to our tribe – you are now part of the ripple effect to a greater body confidence awakening. Your contribution is deeply appreciated and valued.

with love,

Bianca & Kylie

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Expectations

Our Promise

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Frequently Asked Questions


Food Freedom Formula Program
3 phases of online training content delivered via our membership site and a final bonus phase of ongoing online support for a total of 12 months.

1. Kickstart Motivation – (weekly audio & video masterclasses with journalling workbook pdf)
2. Back on Track in 30 Days (audio & video masterclasses with journalling workbook pdf)
3. Emotional Eating Mastery (daily video mini lessons & Audio hypnosis sessions)
Each phase can be completed in 30 days, but as they are broken up into small bite size pieces – the idea is you can work through these phases at your own pace and come back to them whenever you feel like you need to reinforce your foundational healthy habits.

Monday Motivation Boost
In order to fit the lessons into your busy life we also will email you short, inspiring and practical Monday Motivation videos for simple tips, suggestions, and mindset strategies, and to provide a space for support Q&A in our facebook group through the week.

VIP – Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls
You have also opted to receive the 12 months of group calls as a part of your Food Freedom package.  Each week Bianca, Kylie or one of our skilled MMC coaches will be online live to guide you through our processes, and answer any questions you have about where you’re up to, and what you need. You do not need to attend every call, but you can know we are there to answer you each week and help you get the hang of our powerful self-coaching worksheets and frameworks, so you can begin taking ownership of your thoughts and actions every single day.

VIP – Office Hours
As a VIP Inner Circle Sister, you also have the option of speaking with Bianca or Kylie privately in a 15 minute laser coaching call, for anything that needs some private support. (These are to be used on a fair-use policy, and it is not intended to be 52 personal weekly calls.) but a special check option in when times are tough or you have a specific question that feels private and personal. Think of this as your insurance policy so you know that we are never very far away from supporting you when you need us.



Your very own membership details will be emailed to you.



You can have lifetime access to the program if you download the materials to your own computer. You will have access online for a minimum of 12 months and as long as we host the information online.*



This is about showing you how to work smarter not harder; so you’ll find these soulful strategies will actually give you more energy, allowing you to be more productive and will actually generate extra time. I would estimate each week you’ll be spending around 1 – 2 hours preparing meals, 1 – 2 hours exercising total and 1 – 2 hours learning the course hours and completing the content.



If you have a question and can’t make the live Q&A time, you can send in your questions to or post it in the Facebook group and we will record an answer for you.

You can access the recordings within the FB group at any stage. If you have any hesitation about using FB for personal reasons, we encourage you to create an alter ego profile just for ease and accessibility.



No – the majority of the workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment.



Follow all our instructions and complete activities according to the weekly checklist and have them submitted on time. If you do not already start looking and feeling better within 30 days of working with me we will happily refund your money – less a $99 administration fee.

Client Expectations

This is not a “Go Hard or Go Home” see how much weight you can lose type challenge. It’s like going to Reform School for Yo-Yo Dieters

but with chocolate. And wine
And way more fun.
And pizza. Yep pizza too.

This is where you get to decide, what your dream body is going to look like, and what your dream life is going to look like and how you’re going to get there.

Anyone can force their body to lose weight, you can’t force it to stay off.

I will show you a way to eat healthy and exercise in a sustainable manner, so just like an ice maiden in the sun, your fat will melt away.

This is an interactive learning experience and the Food Freedom Formula™ is about education and participation.

Anxiety and pressure is completely counterproductive to the weight loss process so you have complete permission to go at your own pace.

Within our tribe there is a strong sense of community, and in the spirit of giving – I invite you to contribute by offering your own personal insights and A-ha moments as generously as you can.

The more vulnerability you show and the more support you give to others, the more we all grow as a group together.

Our Promise

Thank you for entrusting us with your most valued asset – your physical and mental health and wellbeing. In return, we are trusting you to create the space and time to fully receive this experience because we believe there’s more of your life you could be enjoying.
Together we are a sisterhood of support to celebrate your wins and guide you to your thriving long term success.



✓ Guide you over the 3 phases of the online program with useful, proven change methods that will give you practical strategies you can implement immediately in your life to see a positive change in your overall wellbeing.

✓ Walk our talk, so you get to see what these lessons look like when they are embodied through daily practice.

✓ Encourage you to be kind to yourself along your journey, and take the small steps that create lasting change rather than punishing yourself with sweeping all or nothing shifts that never last.

✓ Connect you with your sisterhood; your high performance, high-support community of Goddesses that are online to share and connect with anytime.

✓ Listen to you. We will be accessible and respond to your requests within 48 hours.

✓ Hold ourselves accountable, if we ever let you down we will do our best to make it right.



✓ Pay your program fees on time, and in full. That way we can focus our attention on helping you grow. Your investment is as below and does not include your personal travel expenses or implementation costs.

✓ After the 30-day trial period beginning on your first payment, you promise to keep your commitment by participating fully and paying your program fees as agreed, on time and in full.

✓ Be quick to implement, quick to ask for help when you need it, share your wins and lessons.

✓ If we ask (we don’t ask everyone), we’d like you to try and refer at least three people of your calibre. This means we can spend less time looking for awesome women like you and more time supporting you to rise.

✓ Respect our IP. That means you may share ideas you’ve learned with individuals (only ever with proper attribution), but not to groups or in public.


  • By signing below you agree to the above and full terms and conditions of the Food Freedom Formula™ which can be accessed at any time here:
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