Fiona’s Journey – Week 1

Fiona’s Journey – Week 1

My thoughts on winning

To be honest the first words that came into my head were  “Loser your probably going to *@#^ this up.” After that I was overwhelmed with joy, excitement, fear and hope. After the phone call I had with you Kylie, the dramatic shift in me was amazing. I thought, man what is the potential achieve that could result from an in-depth course!

Fiona d week 1 November 12 2013


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What it means to me & what I hope to achieve:

  • So many things.
  • I will break the cycle in my family.
  • I will gain control of my life and my mind
  • I will find happiness, self love, gain abundance, find my best friend/lover.
  • Have the ability to function effectively and draw abundance into my life.
  • I will have courage to set goals AND ACHIEVE THEM!
  • I will become organized, and there for be able to create good foundations for Priya.
  • From the tools I learn I will be able to share and assist others in fulfilling their potential.
  • I could write a novel, but they are probably the most important!!



Again, thanks Kylie.




Comments (7)

  1. Ooh yeah ditto Raza's comments you're so worthy and what's more you CAN do this Fi Fi xoxo

  2. oh my goodness, thanks Shel, but the pics make me feel sick in my stomach!

  3. Fiona you are a very, very brave girl. Winners are grinners.

  4. Gorgeous Fiona, this is a part of your awareness. Be with the emotion. It is inside the fire of the emotions that we find the courage to shift… We're here with you and for you. Standing for you because you are worthy.

  5. Good luck Fiona – I look forward to watching your Body Quest Journey. You're an inspiration to all and sure you will grow stronger and stronger as you achieve milestone along the way.

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