Fiona’s Journey – Back on track

Fiona’s Journey – Back on track

Yay, Fiona’s back and ready to keep on rocking her quest.

I love that even Fiona got “knocked for 6” she is back and ready to courageously face and deal with the internal stuff that has caused her stuckness, and rise above and beyond it. The Goddess Body Quest course is designed to help you deal with your emotional s#!t, so sometimes it takes courage to do that. Fiona, I applaud you for stepping up and back into the lessons to work through the course with us.

I hope you’re very proud of yourself, as I am. Kylie x


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  1. Wow! Thank you Fiona x thank you for being brave….telling us of your breakdown…to have your breakthrough and you are now stepping up into your self for your life and have a goddess life!♡ sending hugs xxxx

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