Genius Model Diagnostic - Evolutionary Influence
It is a true honour to have your attention in this moment
Your Level of Influence is close to 100%
Your Leadership Style is: Evolutionary
You have reached a rare pinnacle in leadership. As one who is deeply connected to both your own needs and the greater good, you sit in the harmony of an open heart and strong spine.

Your mastery of yourself, your emotions, your skillset and your business means that people look up to you and see you as someone who walks the rare path of embodying your Mastery, Mission and Magnetism. Others see you as having a magical air about you that is awe inspiring.

Your mastery allows you to see the tiny tweaks that create monumental change, and you have a keen eye to see beneath the surface level that most people don't.

You have a deep awareness of not only what you, and your community need to thrive right now, and also the archetypal shifts that are moving within the collective, and how your influence and leadership can create an evolutionary ripple effect across time and space.

You feel a deep calling and urgency to be of service now. When you think about it, you have always felt this, and all the threads of your life are weaving together in incredible ways that allow you to have absolute power and conviction. It is almost as if it were destined to be this way.

You are living in the Mystery and have moments of full surrender to the Greater Wisdom that moves through you. You find synchronistic experiences show up regularly, and life flows in a way that is deeply humbling.

You’ve achieved so much in terms of the results you've created for yourself and for your clients, and now the next phase of evolution of your leadership is calling you forward.

As an Evolutionary Leader now is the time to get even more support to purify your channel so that you can bring the fullness of your Soul Gifts to bear within your work and life. And to be held and supported within an Alliance of fellow Evolutionary Leaders who can see and fully accept you for all that you are.

We are on the precipice of Great Changes on this planet, and you have been called to be a key player in this time of change. Sometimes you have felt the weight of this responsibility, but you don't have to do it alone.

As you soften and surrender to even more support, you can allow the evolutionary impulse to move through and lift your vision up beyond what you imagined was possible.
The main key points that will help you unlock your next level of influence are:

Regulate Nervous System - What you are being asked now requires ever deeper levels of surrender and openness, strength and flexibility. You are being asked to hold greater and greater power within your body. Getting the support you need for your human self to keep up with the greatness of your Mission is essential so you don't burn out.

Culture Connection - It's time to recognise all that you have given and all the ways that you have served over the years and allow yourself to fully receive the groundswell of support from all your loyal community that love you and are as dedicated to the Greater mission as you are. It's time to call on your legions.

Stylish Systems - Now it is time to give yourself permission to see the essence of what your leadership is, and move beyond the niche or industry that you grew to prominence in. You are ready for your world stage. What is the Million Dollar Promise and magnetic offer you need to put out into the world to allow yourself to create a movement?

We look forward to speaking with you on your call so that we can help you create the shift you need to own your powers of a Transformational SuperCoach so you can influence the world with grace, ease and flow.
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