Genius Model Diagnostic - Inspirational Influence
Your Level of Influence is at 75% : Your Leadership Style is Inspirational
You demonstrate your commitment and passion in every interaction with your clients and team. Simply because of who you are and how you show up each day, you inspire people to be the best versions of themselves.

Your mastery allows you to see the tiny tweaks that create monumental change, and you have a keen eye to see beneath the surface level that most people don't.

You have a genuine capacity to connect and collaborate with others and make people feel appreciated for their contribution.

Now that you've been dedicated to your expertise for what seems like a lifetime (or maybe even a few!) - it’s time to sit back and reassess what does it all really mean?

You’ve achieved so much in terms of the results you've created for yourself and for your clients, however the next phase of evolution of your leadership is calling you forward.

You are on the precipice of owning your Evolutionary Influence where you will take this inspiration you offer others and give it back to yourself so you can unlock a potential reality you hadn't even dreamed was possible.

Evolutionary leaders are catalysts and in a process of designing something new, you'll be fascinated at how your creation - designs you back. You are being initiated into what is beyond your dreams.

The main key points that will help you unlock your next level of influence are:

Values Alignment - You are constantly inspired to grow, and with that ever evolving awareness, it requires a doubling down in understanding and sometimes purifying what is driving you. This stage invites you to embody a version of success that is in total congruence with your highest possible desires, beliefs, values and goals.

Channel Genius - It's time to go within and explore the depths of this new paradigm. What are you being called to step into? - whilst also ensuring no part of you suffers, and nothing that is important to you is left behind.

Sage Skills - In a collective space of emerging leaders, the next key to expanding your influence is to apply your embodied genius to new skills and techniques. In the process of innovation and exploration, it's a community of peers who can help you test, break, refine and then reflect your wisdom back to you.

We look forward to speaking with you on your call so that we can help you create the shift you need to own your powers of a Transformational SuperCoach.
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