Genius Model Diagnostic - Motivational Influence
Your Level of Influence is at 25% : Your Leadership Style is Motivational
Your enthusiasm to be of service to others is infectious. You have natural gifts and talents that you readily share with others, and people love you for it.

However, you haven’t yet taken full ownership of the true value that you offer.

Your business is taking the role of a teacher, exchanging in information and energy. You rely on strategic guidance to compel your clients into taking action, which doesn’t always feel rewarding because it means your clients are only achieving their results when you are present, or monitoring them like a helicopter-parent.

The act of motivating somebody refers to a process of stimulating someone to act in a definite way to achieve an outcome.

So there is a sense of a driving force against a resistance, rather than a magnetic pulling force amongst excitement and effortlessness.

For you to up-level your style into Inspirational Leadership, you will be evolving your ability to influence people mentally and emotionally to do something creative for their highest good.

You’ll be able to help people reach deep inside of themselves and discover their natural calling that propels them into to spontaneous action and calls forward their own version of holistic success & happiness.

The main key points that will help you unlock your next level of influence are:

Regulate Nervous System - To help you release any past or present triggers that hold you back from being visible as the Evolutionary Leader you came here to be.

Channel Genius - To become a conduit for the most potent expression of your work. You have a unique genius that will help you to feel confident and powerful when you recognise it in yourself.

Support Network - Seek leadership and a community of allies to lift you up and fast track your ability to serve more people.

We look forward to speaking with you on your call so that we can help you create the shift you need to own your powers as a Transformational SuperCoach.
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