Goddess Body Quest Program

How to love your body, be happy and shed 2 kgs of body fat each month*!

Latest studies reveal that self-compassion is the critical missing factor in successful, lasting weight loss.

  • Kylie Ryan -2 fitnessDo you still struggle with your weight loss, even though you’ve been dieting for years?
  • Do you feel unhappy in your own skin and stop yourself from enjoying life because you don’t have anything to wear?
  • Do you worry that you’re passing on your own body image issues to your own kids, leaving them with a legacy of struggle too?

I used to as well. Until I found the answer that changed everything…

The answer that wasn’t in the gym, or even in the fresh food aisle, it was inside my own head.

10 years ago, I lost 30kgs* (66lbs)  and have kept it off ever since, even now I have two children.  What helped me to magically shed the weight was not the latest diet or exercise craze, it was dealing with my emotional baggage and negative body image.

Using the power of coaching and hypnosis you can learn how to change your body too, from the inside-out.

You will never lose your physical weight and keep it off…
Until you let go  of your emotional weight.

Join Orlando Bloom, Lily Allen & Matt Damon using hypnosis to change habits…

Get 3 Scientifically proven ingredients to weight loss success.

The New York Times & Psychology Today reports that Self-Compassion is the key to eating better and lasting weight loss without diets or restrictions.  Orlando Bloom, Lily Allen & Matt Damon have all used Hypnosis to help them use the power of their minds to lose weight. Many studies have proven hypnosis to be 10 times as effective as dieting alone. Coaching has been proven in scientific studies to create neuro-plastic change in the brain and create lasting behavioural changes for health and wellbeing; improving self-compassion, mindfulness, resilience, drive and optimism.

Where can you get coaching, hypnosis with a healthy dose of self-compassion all in one place to catalyse your journey to your best body?

Right here.

The Goddess Body Quest gives you access to the kind of advanced coaching methods that the stars use when they need help to slim down or change an unwanted habit.

You too can lose 10kgs, 20kgs, 30kgs, 40kgs or more…  (like Dani did below*)
And most importantly, discover who you are !
Release your self-doubts and unleash your incredible potential.

My clients learn how to think like a slim person, and they become one. By learning how to love their bodies, enjoy the process of eating nourishing food and moving their bodies, they slim down joyfully. They can also enjoy a glass of wine or some chocolate without guilt and regret. Imagine that…

This mindset shift absolutely can be done and there is a proven system to create that change.

Imagine truly loving your body…

Imagine waking up with energy, looking in the mirror as you towel yourself off, glancing at your body and welling up with gratitude for your belly, your legs, your face, your arms, and skin. Imagine eating your delicious healthy breakfast that fills you up with even more energy, and going to work looking forward to the day, with your lunch and snacks pre-prepared from home, and heading to your exercise class where you sweat, laugh and feel the deep joy of being alive. There’s no inner struggle, no drama, no hoping for motivation or willpower, just inner drive, inspiration and joy. You know what you’re doing, you know where you’re going, you know you’re going to get there, and you have the support and tools to get through the tough days too. You are unstoppable.

I have made this change myself and witnessed it in hundreds of my clients, when your mind changes, everything changes.  Dr Wayne Dyer tells us; “You will see it when you believe it”. Physicist Albert Einstein says “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking you used to create it.” In order to change your body, and solve the problem of your excess weight, you must first change the thinking and mindsets that created it.

You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. -Einstein

This is not a quick fix or magic bullet.

But, this is NOT a quick fix. I will not promise you can lose 5 kgs in the first month, even though some of my clients do, because you are a unique human being, your journey is your own. I don’t know your history, your metabolism, your lifestyle and other constraints.

The quickest fix that works, is the SLOW change

A program of coaching and support, for life.

Huge value! Here’s what you get…
  • 8 modules of Transformation Masterclasses so you can discover how 1 simple change in thinking each day can create self-compassion and supercharge your motivation.
  • Lifetime access to the course. this is a lifetime commitment to your heath, and I’m with you the whole way. No re-enrolment each new “round”. When you’re in. You’re in. You can do the training over 8 weeks or 8 months, and revisit what you need over years!
  • Short Video Training 1 key concept at a time, so you can work through the program at your own pace, and fit the bite-sized training into your busy life.
  • Audio downloads of all masterclasses so you can learn and review while you’re driving, exercising or travelling.
  • Transcripts of all Masterclasses to read and review, so you don’t need to take notes.
  • Live Q&A Audio answers for each module to answer all your questions as you need it.
  • Massive Q&A Archive to listen to other ladies’ breakthrough moments, to be inspired by their stories and learn from their successes.
  • 20 inspiring & relaxing custom weight loss hypnosis session mp3’s for your ipod, so you can reprogram your mind & motivation while you relax.
  • Self Sabotage Questionnaire,  so you can discover your self-sabotage triggers, and overcome them.
  • Private Facebook group where you can access me for questions and share your success. Lifetime access!
  • A 30 day 100% responsibility guarantee. You can test out the program and enjoy the hypnosis to see if it is right for you for a whole month.
  • All delivered online so you can get it anywhere, anytime on your computer, ipad or phone.

A quest to unleash your ultimate potential…

8 Modules of Transformation

Week 1 – Awareness

Uncover how and why you sabotage yourself unconsciously.  Learn how to deep dive into your unconscious awareness and gain a completely new insight into why you do the things you do. Discover your hidden “time pockets” that you can devote to your quest. Gain ultimate clarity about what’s really going on and where you need to focus to leverage your results.

Module 2 – Awakening

Awaken your deepest desire and mission that goes way beyond skinny jeans. Discover why you really yearn to be slim. See, hear, feel, taste and believe in your moment of success. Crystal clear clarity on where you’re headed, incredible inspiration, passion and renewed drive and purpose. Create an unconscious alignment with your goal.

Module 3 – Motivation

Leap into your future with crystal clear on your internal intrinsic motivation, your values, and your deepest reasons why you want this. You will face the consequences of failure and make a binding commitment to yourself. Create a deep shift in yourself perception this week as you commit to yourself 100%.

Module 4 – Liberation

Unshackle the old belief “I’m not worthy”. Discover the critical difference between self worth, and self-confidence. Discover how you can feel that deep belief in your own value as a human being. Deep feeling of release, lightness and ease. Gain joy and peace in yourself.

Module 5 – Unleashing

Unleash the emotional baggage of the past. Release the emotional weight that is directly related to your physical weight. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Shame get cleared using the most effective emotional release technique ever created. Drop 20 kgs of emotional weight & gain a profound understanding of what caused your stuck-ness and challenges in the past.

Module 6 – Integration

Integrate inner conflicts and create harmony, strength and peace in your inner world.  Learn how to hold steady in your world even when those around you are doing different things. Feel at one with your goal. Remove any final blocks or barriers. Learn how to say no successfully, with power and when to do it.

Module 7 – SuperPowers

This module uncovers your SuperPowers! You have amazing powers and gifts that you will uncover here, to your amazement. Reconnect with the deep wisdom hidden in your body and own your innate powers to create your own reality. Finally learn what works for you. No more “expert” diets that don’t work.

Module 8 – Empowerment

Create lasting empowerment through easy to use switches and strategies to create motivation and drive at any time. Break down your quest into simple daily habits and rituals that you can schedule into your life and set your weight loss to auto-pilot. No more failure. Gain the skills, resilience and resources to keep you going when the going gets tough.

You’ve got two options…  Keep trying to figure it all out yourself, or let me show you the short-cut…

The lessons I’m teaching you in this course took me 11 years of my life and well over $100,000 in training, courses and experience to gather. Now I’ve distilled the very best, and most potent lessons that got real world results and created a simple, easy to follow course that leads you step-by-step through the process of change.

Incredible Bonuses from Leading Health Experts

  • Body Transformation Secrets from a leading Australian athlete and figure competition winner.
  • 3 Hormone experts to teach you insights into why you might be fatigued and plateauing.
  • Nutrition Coach to share whole-food eating strategies and meal planning advice.
  • International Juicing expert talks longevity and vitality with juicing.
  • Relationship Expert shares her hot sex secrets for a sizzling relationship.
  • Style expert teaches us how to look awesome and save money while shedding dress-sizes.

Save thousands on quick fixes.

You could decide not to invest in yourself and waste more money on expensive shoes, handbags or make-up to make you feel better when you’re having a fat day.
At least they will always fit you, right?

Or you could add up all the money you’ve wasted on quick fixes, shakes, pills, potions, chocolate, wine, and clothes that don’t fit, and decide that NOW is the time to invest in yourself. To make a commitment to yourself that you will no longer opt for the quick fix solution, but instead make a commitment to do the real work it takes to create lasting change and happiness. you CAN DO IT. And you ARE WORTH IT.

Every day you don’t get help is another day lost.

Another day that you don’t live your potential, or go after your dreams.

Another day that you’re programming your children to repeat your mistakes and struggle with this the rest of their lives.

I know what you’re thinking…

“This is exactly what I need,
but how do I sell another weight loss
program to my husband?”

I know, you’ve probably got to talk to your husband about it, right? He’s seen you try program after program, and “fail” at them. Of course, he loves you and wants you to be happy, but he’s also got to help pay the credit card.  I promise you that if you get this program, and do it, you WILL get results, or you get your money back.

One of the GBQ husbands emailed me and said this…
“You could call this the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” program. Somehow your program has helped my wife regain her spark and get back to the happy, fun woman that she used to be before our kids came along. She’s so much more peaceful, and easy-going.  I don’t know what you did, but I’m glad you did it”

Your husband wants to keep you safe, and that’s exactly what he should do. If you want to do this, you must decide YOURSELF if you a re really going to commit to it, and then go to him with your decision and make the case. To ease his mind you can remind him that there is a 1 year satisfaction guarantee, and that you will have lifetime access to the course to continue to get value from it forever. No re-buying. I support you the whole way. Yes you’ve tried lots of other things, but you’ve never tried systematically and consistently supporting yourself to change your mind and body from the inside-out. This works. It will work for you too.

Your Quest starts here.

  • Lifetime access. No more “buy in for the next round” funny business. We’re with you for life.
  • Lifetime support. you will always have access to the GBQ facebook group to share your journey & ask questions.
  • 30 Weight Loss Hypnosis Session to change your unconscious drivers, so you never need willpower again.
  • 40 Video lessons to teach you everything you need to know to change one step at a time.
  • 8 Coaching Journals to reflect on your life and hav your “aha” moments.
  • 10 bonus health expert interviews to answer all you questions on hormones, nutrition, exercise, and slimming style!

Buy GBQ today as a home-study course and save over $1000 (and get the Emotional Eating Mastery Course as a bonus!)


PS – Just incase you didn’t realise, this program is a personal development transformation…

Sure it will change your body, but first it will change your mind, heart and the rest of your life too…

Do you need more accountability and support?

Consider our VIP option with monthly 1:1 coaching calls with your personal GBQ Coach, a live event and group coaching calls with Kylie.  Enquire here.

Want to talk to someone first?

My coaching team is happy to answer any questions you might have about the program. Fill in your details here, and  let’s talk.

Is this program out of your budget?

That’s ok. Get the 4 week Kickstart Program instead. Get started with the introduction level program and save up this this one.

*Weight Loss Results Disclaimer

Many people in this program have lost up to 2 kgs a month by shifting their mindset, that is a common result from this program. Dani’s 50kgs weight loss result is not  typical, nor is my own 30kgs weight loss. It requires focus and commitment to achieve weight loss results even with the support of a positive mindset. My Mind Coach can never guarantee weight loss results with any of our programs, simply that you will release much of the mental baggage that is contributing to the weight. Your free will choices, hormones, nutrition, exercise program and body type are all factors that contribute to your weight loss success, and you must take responsibility for your own results.

*Satisfaction Guarantee Details

This course offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for you to explore the course and use it for 30 days to experience the real-world mindset results and find value. We never guarantee weight loss. See above. We believe you get out of life what you put in, and you will absolutely get wonderful results when you choose to put in the effort and commitment to do so. We will support you all the way through this course. And we are committed to the satisfaction and happiness of our clients and will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that is so.

Buy GBQ today as a home-study course and save over $1000 (and get the Emotional Eating Mastery Course as a bonus!)