Gratitude will transform your body. Why you must thank your cellulite!

Gratitude will transform your body. Why you must thank your cellulite!

It’s time to let go of judging your body and begin being grateful for it.

Gratitude has the power to transform your entire life. It can instantly shift you out of a bad mood, transform a “why me?” victim thought pattern, and help you to feel amazing.

If you’re reading this, then you already have a million things to be grateful for. You are educated, you can read, and you are so rich that you own your own computer to read it on.

I have recently noticed in my yoga classes the ritual of giving thanks to your body at the beginning and end of the session, I love this practice, and know that being truly thankful for your body has the power to completely transform it.

Letting go of self-judgement

We live in a dichotomous world, right & wrong, black & white, acceptable & unacceptable. We live in a world where the general standards of beauty and body shape are set by the popular consciousness and media. We all know these standards are mostly unrealistic and unhealthy. So instead of comparing yourself to glossy, retouched magazines, start comparing yourself to YOURSELF! When you compare yourself to yourself, you can inspire yourself and strive to improve in all areas. You can run a little further, stretch a little more, be a little kinder, smile a little more.

Take your body as a whole. Not in bits.

So often as women we take that “right & wrong” thinking and apply it to ourselves, and to parts of ourselves. I have heard hundreds of women say things like this to me; “I like my ankles, but not my thighs, my belly is disgusting and I hate my flabby arms.” I want you to practice thinking of your body as a whole. You need all of your body to function. Those bits of yourself that you don’t like or hate, are crying out for some love and attention. Be kind to yourself. Yes, even the cellulite on your thighs.


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Thank your body.

Did you know that the reason women have cellulite and men don’t is because of oestrogen? Biologically we are designed to carry a little more body fat than men, so we can feed and nurture babies. Body fat is like nature’s insurance policy against famine. It’s just stored energy. We have cellulite because it’s much safer to store the fat under the skin, and not inside our arteries. Men have much more risk when they are carrying extra fat, because their fat tends to store inside their arteries and around internal organs. That’s what creates that hard, pot-belly in men. Dangerous fat. Thank your cellulite because it protects your internal organs from dangerous fat deposits. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t continue to strive to improve your health or body shape, just begin from a place of love & acceptance rather than punishment & self-loathing.)

Love your thighs!

These tips will help to improve cellulite, so get loving your thighs and incorporate these habits into your life…

1. Spend some time loving your thighs with a dry body brush before your showers to get the blood circulating. You can also give them a vigorous massage as you soap up in the shower, anything that gets the blood flowing will help.
2. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.
3. Follow a regular strength training routine focussing on the lower body including moves like lunges, step ups, squats and dead lifts at least 2-3 times per week.
4. A bit of moisturising fake tan really will improve the appearance of your legs.
5. Make up a home remedy cellulite mask. Dr. Oz says this really works! I haven’t tried it yet, but thought I’d share anyway –  Equal amounts of coffee & sugar, add olive oil to make a paste. Rub it on like a body scrub, and leave for a few minutes, then wash off in the shower. Apparently the caffeine can be absorbed by the skin and it has a metabolising effect on the fat, helping to break it down.
6. Smile and get on with life. Even supermodels have some cellulite. Confidence, a bit of lippy and good dressing works wonders regardless of your body type.

Past choices = present results.

Everything you see and feel in your body now is simply a result of the past choices you’ve made. Your body is only giving you feedback from your past choices. If you’re not happy with the feedback from the current state of your body, you need to make better choices for yourself. You will more easily make better choices when you love your body and want to treat it well.

When you are feeling down on yourself list in your mind all the things you can be grateful for. Keep going till your state “pops” and you really feel that gratitude welling up inside.

Are you truly grateful for your body?

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  1. What an awesome article and very timely for me! I realized that I’ve been barkin up the wrong tree doing weights exercises etc with the view to hanging my body because I didn’t like the body I had currently. Just did a cross fit session an it allowed me to see my body as a “whole” athlete that can perform amazing feats of fitness! That has eliminated Mt desire to critique my body and “trouble spots” and I feel awesome and relieved ! Thank you for this post – very timely (as often is with your emails) and totally confirmed the track I was already on !! X

    • YES Bianca! You are an athlete! I am so glad you came to this full realisation yourself. Congratulations. It is a crucial step in allowing your body to be free. xx

  2. Amazing article Kylie, specially love the part where you advise to treat body as whole and not in bits n pieces, that’s so true.

    I hate my body because I feel I am fat but my hubby loves it, as u said I look up those glossy magazine papers and feel that I am fat.

    Thank you for such an informative article, I feel blessed looking at it and Loving for proper functioning

    Thank you kylie,

    • Thanks Yogeeta,
      I am glad that it has helped you. This is a very important point, to think of your body as a whole. All of the parts are important and beautiful. Enjoy and accept your husbands love of your body and begin to love it too, love it for the choices it gives you, love it for the pleasure of skin on skin, love it because you can run and jump and play, and walk where you choose.

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