Grow a thriving coaching business, create raving fan clients & have rock solid confidence in your coaching skills, without feeling like you're doing it all alone.

Grow a thriving coaching business, create raving fan clients & have rock solid confidence in your coaching skills, without feeling like you're doing it all alone.
Online Coach Training & Mastermind
Learn the structure & systems to create magical transformation for your clients. Build rock solid conviction in your coaching skills & unique transmission for more powerful leadership, and a thriving coaching business.
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Letter from the desk of Kylie Ryan: 

Hey Coach, I see you.

You’ve done your first training or had an "awakening moment".

It changed you. 

You feel so very different. Now your life has opened up to a world of possibilities. 

You got really excited. You decided you were going to be contribute to positive change in the world, and started your coaching/healing business.

You adore helping people. You’ve been figuring out your niche, and what your signature offer is. You’re not a beginner, but you’re not anywhere near where you want to be... yet. 

You look at others doing videos and making offers and posting about their sweet life and client success stories and you wonder...

“Why are they so confident?
Why are they getting all the clients?
What am I missing?”

I see you being run in circles when your clients go on and on with a never-ending story... (and you’re afraid to interrupt them...)

I see you struggling to know what’s the perfect next question to ask.

I see your joy & elation at your clients’ successes.

I see you late at night, stressed and wondering if you’re cut out for this.

I see you struggling with tech to build funnels and create webinars that sell.

I see your sessions constantly running over time so you can “give more value”.

I feel your disappointment when you don’t close on the phone because you’re “too nice” and “don’t want to be pushy or salesy”.

I hear you talking to your partner about how this next thing you’re doing will be “the big breakthrough” for you, and how you’re “nearly there”...

I see you.

I’ve been there.

It’s time to level up.

I see you.

I’ve been there.

It’s time to level up.

I created the Growth Collective Mentorship because I saw that there are so many aspiring change-maker coaches, healers and practitioners of various modalities who are spending a fortune on marketing & business advice, and getting totally stuck and lost in the strategies because they do not yet have the conviction or linguistic mastery to ground their magical skills into a sense of conviction about the results they can deliver, and practical coaching that people will pay for.

Many coaches struggle with marketing, because at their core, they are not 100% sure that they have what it takes, or even who they are meant to serve.

So they get stuck in comparison and not enough-ness in a very, very crowded market, and a never-ending spiral of “stuff I need to clear first”.

Confidence comes from competence.

Many marketing coaches will tell you to get cracking on your leveraged offer and to create your signature solution the minute you finish your training.

I completely disagree.

There is absolutely a place for leveraged offers and signature systems. For sure. It’s THE key to separating time & money, and creating leverage in your business. But the truth is, if you try and create your leveraged offer or course before you’ve done your time in deep-dive transformational 1:1’s  discovering the patterns and similarities in your ideal clients’ issue...

Your signature offer is going to end up just being a Frankenstein version of stuff you learned from other people. It won't be unique and you will struggle to sell it.

Your clients buy your certainty.

And your certainty comes from unwavering confidence...

...which comes from proven competence.

I don’t believe in “fake it till you make it”, I believe in “learn it till you earn it” and learning the structures and systems from experts who have come before, while also honouring your unique wisdom and transmission. When you blend these you get your unique mastery.

And you earn the right to claim mastery in your space.

When you do the work and earn your Mastery, nobody can ever take it away from you. Mastery cannot be hacked. It comes from dedication to your craft. To the discipline of ongoing commitment to learning, growth, and expansion.

It does not mean you need to be a student forever...
It does not mean you need to be a student forever...

And the best teachers know they are students of life, first and foremost.

In my 15 years in the coaching industry, I have created 11 online courses, and had a very consistent and successful business, even while taking time off to be a mama.

As a qualified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clinical Member of the Australian Board of NLP, I honour the place of training, coaching supervision and ongoing professional development.

And as an Intuitive and Spiritual Being, I honour the place of intuitive Knowing, magic, intention, energy healing, & soul-transmissions.

The challenge with magical healing is that unless it is grounded within a clear, practical context, clients sometimes struggle to quantify the value, or have amnesia for the problem. Then they don’t attribute your coaching to the solution of the problem they no longer believe they ever had.

What is missing from most practitioner / healer trainings are the foundational coaching skills that supports the grounding of your magic. And the ongoing supervision support to ensure that you don’t get into icky client dynamics.

You might have noticed that the coaching industry has been in rapid growth.

I see so many practitioners and healers who do not fall into a traditional coaching model who are not getting the Supervision support and ongoing professional training to ensure they are bringing their best to each and every client, every day.

Without this support and encouragement the  “Fraud Factor”, “Imposter Syndrome” sets in, and your business can be over before it begins...

We need you.

The world needs that special thing that only you have.

Our planet is changing rapidly. Our mother Earth is calling for change-makers of all kinds to rise, unite and support each other; to work together for the good of all.

I believe that the work we do as coaches to support people to heal emotional and mental blocks and take action to live their best lives, is some of the most critically important work to be done on the planet at this time.

As within, so without.

I truly believe that when we heal the frequency of trauma, emotional pain and neglect from individuals, that we are supporting the planet to heal her trauma and neglect also.

I believe that when people clear their stuff, they make more conscious choices and live more empowered, thoughtful lives.

Coaches are on the front-line of this Awakening that IS occurring.

The time for scarcity and competition is over.

The time for collaboration and sharing has come...

I would like to pass on my expertise to other coaches to ensure that every coach has what they need to BE at their best, and also call on my amazing friends and colleagues to pass on their expertise as well, (because I certainly don’t know it all)

The Growth Collective Mentorship is a safe and respectful collaborative coaching community, that honours any person who is working to help others and their innate access to Divine Wisdom.

Inside a private community group you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive guidance on improving your coaching SKILLS and mastery, and also grow your own intuitive confidence as you clear your own inner blocks to standing in your power and claiming your place in this shift of consciousness.

I will facilitate a live zoom Supervision Q&A call for sharing coaching wins, or asking questions about coaching clients, or on your own personal growth in coaching & leadership. You will have a space to ask client-related supervision questions to build your skills (while honouring client-confidentiality of course)

And I will lead an interview or guest training with another successful coach or change-maker or teach Foundational Coaching Skills for you to learn and integrate into your coaching practice.

There will also be a space for any trainer or coach of any modality within the space to promote their upcoming events and programs to the rest of the community... (gasp!)

Yep, there will be a thread for you to share your work with each other. I have only become a Master Coach by learning lots of different modalities, from lots of different teachers, over many years, so I would love to facilitate you to discover other trainings that you may have not otherwise found in this space too.


I’ll also give you access to some of my most transformational client courses month by month so you can learn even more skills for your own personal and professional growth (without overwhelming you with too much all at once) As I share each courses or module with you I'll also give you some critical behind-the-scenes info on what worked well and what didn’t in the creation of those courses. The priceless lessons I learned the expensive way...

Why would I do this?

To be honest, I have simply moved on from wanting to market any of these courses individually. I am ready to teach the coaches and teachers of the future. The insights you can learn in these courses will 100% help you to transform your own life, and also help you to become a better coach.

I believe quality collaboration is built upon trust, abundance, respect, and generosity of spirit. You are free to use what you learn from any of my courses in your own coaching practice,  and if you use it in a public video or in a course of your own, simply reference and pay respect to where the idea is from, as I do.

It's time to awaken, re-connect and light the way for the future...

The time has come for change makers to rise up. Make no mistake a planetary awakening  is happening. The kind of change that only happens once in thousands of years. So that nagging feeling that you’re here to do something important is your soul reminding you to get on with it...

Many of us are spiritual warriors. The mission calling to our hearts that brings us the most joy is to serve at the front line of this awakening…

We get to help other souls to remember the truth of who WE ARE.

We all have a job and a place.

Yes, it feels a bit vulnerable to stand with such conviction.

Yes, it is scary to take your place in this movement as a leader of conscious change.

That’s why we need each other. To stand shoulder to shoulder and be courageous warriors to live a life of joy and be examples of what is possible when you remember your Sovereign Power!

The Growth Collective is a key part of my purpose in supporting the next wave of emerging leaders.

My mission is to help bring us together so we can all find the courage & clarity to do what we are here for. My role is support you to have the conviction, precision and mastery that is required for our job. The ripples will go far and wide in time and space as we collectively shift our frequency and stand in our truth.

We are here to thrive.

We are here to serve in the Awakening.

We are here to live in abundance and joy.

As above so below.

As within so without.

It’s time!

The Growth Collective is a forge for firing your conviction, precision and mastery of serving others. 

Who is it for?

Coaches, Practitioners and Healers of any modality who want to develop their Mindset Coaching & Transformational skills and grow their business by becoming excellent coaches and having clear conviction of their value.

What is it?

This collective is a coaching mentorship & collaborative heterarchical space for ongoing liberation, and remembering your Mastery.

Monthly online training in NLP Practitioner foundational coaching skills, and a moderated space to learn from each other and different modality approaches on client related questions. AND it is a space to work through your own stuff so you can have clear conviction of the value you deliver, and ensure you are a clean mirror and practitioner for your clients.


What do I get?

  • Monthly live Q&A Coaching Supervision Call run by Master Coach & NLP Trainer Kylie

  • Monthly recorded training on Foundational NLP Coaching Skills to help ground your other modalities into practical coaching sessions.

  • Safe, moderated space to ask coach-client related questions inside a private facebook group answered by Kylie twice weekly.

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Interviews with other teachers and Master Coaches / Healers

  • BONUS: Emotional Eating Mastery Course $297 value.

  • BONUS: Monthly module of Goddess Body Quest - Health Mindset Coaching Program modules & behind the scenes insights into the course creation.

What's the investment?
$197 per month
Most popular
$1970 annually
Best value

I can’t wait to see you inside the Growth Collective and share this journey with you!

with love, gratitude and blessings,

Kylie Ryan

Coach, Healer, Trainer, Wife, Mother, Human.

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