Guest Interview – 3 Happiness Strategies with Carl Massy

Guest Interview – 3 Happiness Strategies with Carl Massy

Today I bring you an interview with my friend, colleague and Happiness Strategist, Carl Massy.

In our candid interview he shares his 3 simple and practical strategies for living a more happy life every day. Carl recently wrote the book Guidebook to Happiness and is running some Happiness Classes in QLD coming up soon.

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Cant Listen? Read the Transcription here.

Carl calls himself a ‘Happiness Strategist’ as a result of combining 20-years as a strategic planner with over a decade of research into happiness, with a focus on discovering what things have the highest Happiness ROI. In his past life he was an army Major and then Olympic games consultant before following his bliss into the wellness industry. As an NLP master practitioner, fitness trainer and reiki master, he is now all about helping individuals and organizations understand the biggest DO’s and DON’Ts to increasing their happiness and health with his unique programs, books and seminars.

His most recent book is The Guidebook to Happiness

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  1. Thanks a lot Kylie for a great interview. It was a lot of fun. Take care.

  2. This was a fun interview that I had with Kylie. She asked some great questions on the specifics to increasing happiness.

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