Guilty unhappy parents = Guilty unhappy child

Guilty unhappy parents = Guilty unhappy child

Hello AWESOME people!!! Today I feel like talking to all those parents struggling to reach their personal goals because they feel guilty about spending their time on themselves and not on their children.

I am a daughter of two amazing people. My mum and my dad mean the world to me I believe that they are the most kind people, and I know their hearts are made of gold. I am sure that your children will also speak about you with similar words. Your children LOVE YOU as much as you love them. You want them to have a bright future to be happy right? Your children also want the same for you.

Both my parents worked a lot in their life so that me and my siblings will have enough to eat and go to school. I remember as a child hearing my dad’s car from kilometres away (imagine the noise that car was making!!) and I would run outside and wait for him to come out of the car to hug him. I remember waking up in the middle of the night just to welcome my mum after a long day at work. I remember spending time with them only in Christmas, Easter and some weekends. Do I wish I could have spent more time with them? Yes of course, but I also understand why they couldn’t be with me and my siblings.

Now I am in my twenties and when I look at my parents, I can see they are not happy.

Do you know why? Because they don’t spend time on themselves. They never did. As someone that loves them dearly I want them to be happy too, we are grown now and they still have many years to live and I want them to LIVE.

To all the mums and dads out there…

Take control of your life.

Spend time on yourself.

Be an example of what you would like your child to become!

Would you like them to be overweight, always in front of a screen, sick, bored every day and night, sad, angry, frustrated, hopeless?  I could go on forever. You don’t need to respond, the answer is obvious…

You cannot imagine how many times I tried to help my parents get out of this sad, unhealthy routine that they have been in for every single day of their lives. I tried and tried and tried but I cannot do it, it is up to them to change their life.

The fact that they are not happy makes me feel also unhappy and guilty. Am I the reason that they are sad? I am worried about them.  So I am here to say to you all those things I would say to my own parents.

“You spent years hoping the best for me and nurturing me with your love so that I can achieve the best. But tell me how can you love me, how can you care for me and nurture me if you cannot do the same for yourself? If you love me, if you care for me do me a favour.

There is someone I see who I love with all of my heart. Now I see him feeling blue because he is not being true to himself, he’s uncomfortable in his own skin. Instead of love he gives hate, instead of acceptance he rejects, he compares. I can see his pain, and it hurts me too.

Please do me this favour. Can you love him? Can you care for him? Can you nurture him just like you did for me? You know who he is but you don’t like his appearance. Please go to the mirror. Take a close look. Can you see him? That is who I love, that is who I care for! Spend a little time with him, get to know him. I know that very soon you will see the amazing person that I see… Don’t give up on him. You promised. I love you “. 

Give time to yourself but most of all give love.

Your child is happy when you are.

with endless love,

Cauliflower xoxo


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  2. Hello Samira! Yes you are right but please take notice of what you just said! You said that it is just hard but not impossible. Is raising a child easy? No but parents don’t give up on their children. Their love drives them to continue and raise their child to reach its ultimate potential.
    Well loving yourself is a HUGE part of helping your child be the best it can be. Don’t give up on yourself like you wouldn’t give up on your child.

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