Hold on or Let go?

Hold on or Let go?



Hey everybody! It’s Kylie Ryan from My Mind Coach – and I am the mindset coach for expert entrepreneurs and coaches.

Today I want to talk about holding on or letting go, because those of you who have been following me for a long time know that I have been coaching for weight loss motivation for a really long time. And a couple of years ago, I started to make the transition.

Six years ago I started training coaches in NLP – and then two years ago I started to move into more mindset and spiritual coaching. And then I kind of went back to doing weight loss. I partnered up with my dear friend Bianca and we started to really go wholeheartedly into weight loss.

It’s very interesting when we think about holding on or letting go.

From my position now, I can see that I held on a bit too long to weight loss coaching – and now it’s time for me to fully and wholeheartedly shift into coaching for coaches and helping coaches to step into their magnetic leadership, and for expert entrepreneurs, people that are the expert in what they do and really want to step out in a greater way.

And when I lend my mindset and transformational skills of 15 years experience to people who are expert in their field, then it allows the ripples to go far wider and far greater so that the people that I help can help their clients in better and more profound ways.

When I think about this holding on or letting go, I’ve got a lot of experience in mindset coaching – and still I fell to the trap of holding on too long, trying to make something work when it’s actually just time to move on.

So I wonder… Where in your life are you holding onto something that it’s just time to let go of?

It’s time to let yourself move into a new direction, to start a new chapter, to cut the dead wood and allow those new shoots to grow.

And it made me think about how scary it is to let go of something that you know, something that you’re familiar with, so that you can move into the new. It is scary because there’s that point where in the middle you are in the void.

When you’re in between letting go of what you’re used to have before you have the space to step into the new and allow those shoots to grow, there is a moment, there is some period of time where you are in the void.

And typically humans are terrified of the void. They’re terrified of not having a clear identity, not having clear direction – and that can bring up a lot of fear and causes to hold on to things longer than is necessary, as what I’ve been experiencing lately.

Where are the things that it’s time to let go of?

Just have a think about what would you like to call into your life.

What would you like to call in and what would you like to let go of in order to call that thing into your life? Where are you afraid to cut those rose branches to create the space for the new shoots to grow? Let me know in the comments below.

This is a very clear direction for me in being able to move into supporting other coaches, healers, and expert entrepreneurs with their mindset so that they can unleash their true magnetic leadership and make the difference that they’re here to make in the world.

I’m super excited to move into this new direction – and I have some fantastic students, clients, who have stepped into their leadership in the weight loss motivation space who can really bring on that legacy and create it in their own way and bring on their own uniqueness and serve those people that still need help in their weight loss motivation.


If you’re still looking for help and support with weight loss mindset coaching, I would encourage you to follow these amazing coaches:

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I’m really excited to move into supporting coaches and expert entrepreneurs to shine their magnetic leadership and make a difference in the world.

Speak to you soon.


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