Rest, Relax & Reflect.

Rest, Relax & Reflect.

Hello everyone, I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blog, because I’ve been on holidays in beautiful Bali with my family.

This is our annual Bali pilgrimage for rest, relaxation and surfing. We got married here 6 years ago, as it is one of my husbands favourite places in the world, and it has become one of mine too.

In one of my blog videos while I was away I talked about how important it is to support the people you love to do the things they love, even if you don’t love that particular activity yourself… Let them do it alone, encourage it! You will both be happier for it.

One thing I am really proud of in our relationship is how much we support each other to do what fills us up as individuals. He surfs every day while we’re away, and it is so good for him on so many levels.  And I get time to do yoga, get a massage, or meditate in peace, while he plays with the kids in the afternoon.

While I have been away, since making my declaration of my business shift in direction – leading you towards your Weightless Woman I have been deeply considering the best way to move forward. I have a lot of new things happening behind the scenes, internal restructuring to help me deliver a better service.

And I am busting to help those of you who are ready to leap into the spiritual development and consciousness activation, while also keeping it real in the physical world with shifting the mindset & habits to keep your slim, healthy, glowing body. There’s lots of new events and programs coming really soon…

In the mean time, here’s a few of our holiday snaps for you to enjoy.

Did you miss my holiday blog videos?

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You’ll also find more of my family moments on Instagram too if you’d like to follow me there.



Both kids fell asleep on the way to dinner.


Ruby didn’t want to be in the family photo.

2016-Bali-00876 2016-Bali-1407 2016-Bali-1422 2016-Bali-1498 2016-Bali-1522 2016-Bali-1560 2016-Bali-1575 2016-Bali-00899 2016-Bali-00915


This is the best place ever. Villa Luxe Padang Padang. We got to stay for a couple of days of total luxury.


Oli be chillin’.


2016-Bali-8822 2016-Bali-9046 2016-Bali-9068 2016-Bali-9170 2016-Bali-9271 2016-Bali-9266 2016-Bali-9350

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