Hormone Expert Interview – Nat Kringoudis

Hormone Expert Interview – Nat Kringoudis


Headaches, period pain, weight gain, Anxiety, Depression, low energy, low libido, stress! These are all symptoms your hormones need a bit of love & support.

If you want energy, sex drive, a deep sleep at night, and a slim, healthy figure, you need to pay attention. It’s your hormones that dictate your health and wellbeing.

I’ve managed to pin down Australia’s foremost health & hormone expert Nat Kringoudis for a quick interview, before she embarks on her Aussie tour, Debunking Ovulation.

Dr Nat is a natural fertility expert, acupuncturist,  Chinese Doctor & proud mumma. She is a passionate educator of all things fertility, and is on a crusade to get women off the pill and teach them how to learn to listen to their bodies signs and signals for optimal health & wellbeing. She’s all over the media and has written two awesome books: Fertilise Yourself, and Eat Fat, Be Thin, and created a free video series with wellness experts Health Talks TV.

Nat has written extensively on hormone health and I highly recommend reading all her articles on hormones, and getting along to her events if you can.

Here’s our interview… Enjoy!


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Quick summary of what we covered in the video.

  • How Nat became the hormone expert, & educator simply because there were so many women in her practice crying out for help. She’s been practicing for 10 years after being at uni for 10 years!
  • Many women start to think about their hormones when they are trying for kids, but Nat is passionate about reaching out to young girls to help educate them about their bodies.
  • Long term effects of the Pill are really bad. You don’t necessarily need to be on the pill if you don’t want babies.
  • The Pill has made us disconnect from our bodies.
  • Whether you’re trying to fix PCOS, or trying to conceive, or going through menopause, your hormones still need the same building blocks to work properly.
  • You are in the drivers seat when it comes to your health. Don’t just leave it to your GP.
  • Listen to your intuition! Listen to your body.
  • Imbalanced hormones are related to stress. 60-70% of women’s issues have to do with stress, our bodies aren’t designed to deal with constant stress.
  • Period pain, infertility, headaches, back pain, anxiety, Depression, weight gain, ovulation pain have to do with stress & adrenal fatigue.
  • You don’t need to do anything really fancy to keep your hormones healthy, its all the same basic stuff we all need, sleep, organic, whole food, rest, relaxation, sex.
  • Identify your key stressors and find a way to deal with them as best you can.
  • In our modern world it’s tough for women to relax, and we each need to find the way that works best for us and make it a priority.
  • Whole organic food, regular exercise, yoga, massage, get some help, coaching & support.
  • The world is not going to fall apart if you take a day off.

Get more of the amazing Dr Nat!

Come along to Debunking Ovulation Events in your capital city.

Get Fertilise Yourself e-book: Get Hormonally happy. Fertility is about being hormonally happy, not just making babies.

Watch her Free Health Talks with other wellness experts.

Debunking Ovulation will be available as an online course soon if you can’t make the events live.

Thanks so much Nat for taking the time to share your expertise with me and my ladies! x

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  1. Wow!♥love it! Thank you Kylie and Nat……clarity is what I have walked away with……for so long you seek someone who understands that it is not just a simply "pill" to pop when you are not at your 100% optimal levels. I am so excited by the options for our health and listening to our bodies so important. ..can't wait to see you in person Nat here in Brisbane :-)♥

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