Hot Seat Coaching Demonstration with Eric Lougheed

Hot Seat Coaching Demonstration with Eric Lougheed

In the replay below, we cover a start to end entire coaching process of a Breakthrough session, how I question, find the key issue and use an NLP or spiral process to help shift it.

Along the way I also paused to teach what I did so you know why I’m using a particular kind of question or why I’m following a particular line of thought.

This will be a powerful session for all coaches who want to see how to hone in on the what is going to bring the greatest transformational leverage for the client.

Eric is a relationship and sexuality coach, he helps men with Erectile Dysfunction and has been a member of our SuperCoach Academy, learning how to do deeper transformational coaching with us over the last year.

You’ll learn:

– the overall structure and pace of a coaching session.

– how to hone in on the key transformational pattern

– how to choose a transformational process to use with your client.

– and you’ll see the flow of how to move a client along and follow the energy of the client so that the entire session feels smooth and natural.

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