How to Be Comfortable in Your Skin

How to Be Comfortable in Your Skin


Hi there! Kylie Ryan revealing the truths of a truly weightless woman.
Today I want to talk about being comfortable in your body. Because a weightless woman is comfortable in her skin.
As we know, being comfortable in your skin has nothing to do with whether you have a six-pack, or not. Or whether you have stretch marks, or cellulite, or whether you have flat abs and look like a fitness model.
Being truly weightless and being comfortable in your skin is an expression of your love for the physical vehicle that your soul gets to play in in this moment on Earth.
This is your body. Your body right now is a result of every choice that you have ever made. Every thought you’ve ever had, every meal you’ve ever eaten is living somewhere inside you. It has created and culminated in the body that you have today.
This is not about blaming, or shaming, or anything like that. It’s about the miracle of realising that you get to have a vehicle with five amazing physical senses to have pleasure with in your now moment of experience.

A truly weightless woman understands that her body is a vehicle of power and for the purpose of pleasure in the now moment.

So, I want to ask you where in your moment now can you experience more pleasure inside your body?
It could be the feel of the clothes against your skin. The feel of gentle breath coming in and out of your nostrils. Your lungs being able to fill up. Being able to look out at an amazing view. Smell your children when they’re smelling beautiful out of the bath. Watch them sleeping. To making love to your partner.
This amazing sensory experience that you have inside your body is so incredible and awe inspiring, and we take it for granted.
That’s our weightless woman tip of the day. To remember to bring yourself back to the present moment, and inside your skin, inside your body. Really appreciate all five senses that you have right now.
So ask yourself:

What am I seeing, what am I looking at right now?

What can I hear that I haven’t been noticing?

What can I smell that I haven’t been noticing?

What can I taste on my tongue even if I’m not eating something, what can I taste in the air that I’m breathing?

And what about the feel of my skin, the clothes on my skin right now?

Bring your attention back to your five senses and appreciate that. You have five senses to experience the world with.
That’s it for today. Enjoy!

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