How to get over the back to work blues…

How to get over the back to work blues…

Do you need to love your work more? Or do work you love?

In the past few days I have noticed many of my friends lamenting that they have to return to work from holidays. Work is such a big part of our lives that I thought it was worth an article on how to like or love it more…

If you’re not loving your work you’re more likely to eat poorly through the day or at the end, or drink regularly at the end of the day “because you deserve it”. There are a few strategies and tactics you can use to help yourself get over the back-to-work blues. I’ll give you some short term and long-term fixes. 

Be warned, this article is a kick up the butt…

1. Get over yourself. Be grateful you even have a job.

The short term fix is to shift your mindset to be grateful for your job. There are millions of people in the world who live on as little as a few dollars a day. Millions who would kill to have the kind of priveliged lifestyle you live. Regardless of how much you might think that you struggle, if you have a roof over your head, food on your table, a bed to sleep on, a computer to read this email on, money in your bank, your wallet and some spare change then you are richer than 92% of the worlds population. Instead of focussing on how tough you have it because you have to work, focus on how blessed you are to have work at all, and to have the kind of work that you have. You could be at the bottom of a coal mine! Shifting your mindset to gratitude is the single quickest fix for any doldrums. Remember just how fortunate you really are.

2. Align your work with your highest values.

The medium term fix is to shift your mindset to see the value in the work you are doing. How it contributes to the things that you do love. If you are not feeling the love for your daily grind, then you have not linked your current work with your highest values. Even if you are not doing your dream job today then your job is still serving you somehow. We can’t all work for Getaway can we? It is keeping you employed, paying your bills and teaching you skills that you could use in your next advancement. Write down your top 10 values and then write at least 20 ways your current job is serving each and eveey one of those values. This exercise really works to help you appreciate your current work. Take the time to do it.


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3. Invest in up-skilling and carve a passion filled career.

And the long term fix is to create a passion filled career and profession doing what you are good at. If you are reading this then you have the resources and know-how to invest in yourself and carve out a career path that fulfils you. If you allow fear to stop you from beginning to create a pathway to your dream vocation, then you are wasting time and you have not earned the right to a rewarding satisfying career.  The days will pass whether you are moving towards your dream job or not. You can be grateful for the job you have now, and still plan and invest your greater vision for your career and your life.  (Note: Buying lotto tickets is not investing in your greater vision.)

A story…

10 years ago as a university graduate I was waitressing in a cafe. I had fun every day, ’cause that’s the kind of gal I am, but it was not a fulfilling career for me personally. When my friend introduced me to coaching I saw an opportunity to create a business for myself doing something that I loved and did for free anyway, helping and counselling people. I took the leap and invested in my learning, the cost was a MASSIVE stretch for me at the time, and I had to forego other things in order to pay for the training. It took a full year to pay off my first NLP training, and I have continued to invest considerably in my learning each year. Now, as an expert in my field I command twice what I earned in a whole week waitressing for a single private session. Back then I never could have even imagined the learning and growth that I would go through and what I could accomplish in 10 years, but I kept moving forward to my vision or a passion filled career helping people. I got closer each day and continue to get closer still to my ultimate dream lifestyle and contribution. Now, I enjoy my work so much that on my recent holiday I was sneaking in a bit of work each day.

If you are not loving your work, ask yourself if it’s just a bit of holiday blues, or if you really need to strategise a career  or job change to do something that leverages your natural talents, gifts and passions. In my experience those who enjoy their work the most are not necessarily those who get paid the most, but those who are contributing in some way to others and learning and growing themselves.  As Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Watch this inspiring video to help yourself discover what you truly want to do…

Video created from a lecture by leading philosopher – Alan Watts 

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