How to listen to your body.

How to listen to your body.


Do you have pains, aches, groans, headaches? What is your body trying to say to you? Have you ever listened to what it needs to tell you?

One little known symptom and cause of being overweight is a disconnection with your body; not knowing when you’re hungry, when you’re full, when your body is craving water or activity, and when it needs rest. This disconnection leads to searching for the answers in new diets and exercise programs, gurus and health experts. However no expert will ever know your body like you do. No expert or author will ever be able to tell you precisely what works with your body the way that you will. The key to lasting slimness, vitality and health is to learn how to listen to your own body and actually hear the subtle messages it is telling you. (and of course then act on them)

One way that you can begin to reconnect is to imagine talking and listening to your body. When you have an ache, pain or uncomfortable feeling, listen in close and hear what your body is telling you. This process sounds a little strange but it really works. Give it a try and let me know how you go.

  • Imagine the pain or feeling is a thing in your body.
  • Go inside your body in your imagination.
  • With your minds eye, look at the feeling and see what it looks like.
  • Is it big, small? Squishy or hard? Round or some other shape? What colour is it? What texture?
  • Thank the feeling for alerting you to something that you need to know.
  • Ask it what it is there to tell you or teach you?

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  • What does it have to say?
  • Ask it how you can best look after your body so it can be energetic, peaceful and pain free?
  • Once you have all the information that you need, and commit to take the action required, you can ask it to shift so that you can have peace now.
  • Imagine it shifting shape, size, colour, or simply getting smaller and disappearing until it is gone and there is peace and comfort.

You could write down the answers and let your body talk to you through your pen, or simply listen inside. As you get better at it, you will only have to focus within and you will be able to “hear” the answers in your mind.

Trust that you do have the answers that you seek. Your body is so much wiser than you have given it credit for.

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  1. Hi kylie,
    this was such an incredible and unexpected exercise.
    I followed your instructions and found tears welling up as I ‘imagined ‘ an entire story going on behind my weight gain.
    Thank you for all your generosity.

    • I’m so glad that you took the time to do the exercise Simone! It is so powerful. Thank you for sharing lovely. 🙂

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