How to LOVE your tummy flat.

How to LOVE your tummy flat.

Is your tummy bloated? Fat? Loose and flabby? Do you find yourself hating it when it rolls over your waistband or muffins’ its way out of your jeans?

If you’re hating your tummy and wishing it were like the super flat or washboard abs you see in the magazines then you will have a very hard time changing it. Why? Because hating your tummy is a big part of the problem. Your poor tummy is just doing it’s job, trying to digest the food you give it. Maybe some healthy food, maybe far too much food, and likely some crappy food that upsets it, it all has to go down those same channels inside your stomach and intestines. Bloating, gas, stinky farts and excess weight are all your tummy’s way of trying to tell you that what you’re feeding it isn’t right!

If you hate something then you’re much less likely to want to do something nice for it, or look after it.  Imagine if your tummy was a person, it’s like a poor shackled slave, forced to work under terrible conditions, while being yelled at, teased and put down by the voices in your head.

It isn’t your tummy’s fault that it’s fat. It’s yours!! Stop trying to pass the buck and blame something else. You’re the one that chose to eat the food that made it fat or bloated.

Belly fat is serious.

Aside from not looking awesome, having lots of excess belly fat is a serious health issue. Whether it’s on the surface of your ribs just under your skin; subcutaneous fat, which is  unhealthy or the deeper, more dangerous visceral fat in and around the organs; belly fat is not good for you. It is linked with diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease to just name a few.

Your Second Brain.

Your belly and your gut are much smarter than you think. Some scientists are calling the gut the “second brain” you know how you sometimes have a “gut feeling” about stuff.  Your gut has a mass of neuro-transmitters that perform complex operations independently of your brain in your head, it can influence how you feel and whether you get sick or not. If you’ve ever heard of serotonin the, the happiness neurotransmitter you might be surprised to learn that 95 percent of the body’s serotonin is found in the bowels!  Read more about the second brain here. A happy gut equals a happy person, so you’d be wise to look after your guts.


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How to learn to love your tummy.

1.  Instead focussing on how it looks now, focus on all the amazing things that it does for you. It houses all your important organs and does the infinitely complex task of breaking down the food you put into your mouth into energy for new cells.

2. Talk to it. I know it sounds a bit crazy but have a chat to your tummy and listen to what it says back.  Your body knows what is right for you, if you listen it will tell you.

3. Apologize for how nasty you’ve been.

4. Remind yourself daily to thank your tummy for the tireless work it does for you.

5. Keep a food & gut journal, to keep a note of what foods make you gassy and bloated and which ones do not. Many people are intolerant of foods they eat daily, which means your gut may be in a constant state of inflammation and upset. Different grains, gluten, dairy can all be common causes of gut upset. Get tested, or do some of your own experiments.

6. Eat lots of green veggies and a soluble fibre daily to get things moving. You know what I mean. Clean out. Lemon in warm water first thing in the morning has been shown to assist with digestion of food.

7. Exercise. Get your blood pumping to help your intestines work better, and start to burn off that excess fat.

8. If you’re really struggling you might consider a raw food detox and or a colonic to help heal your inflamed guts and bring your belly back to health.

9. Pilates exercises that pull in the deep abdominals will help give your back support and your body more shape. Imagine you have a corset on and pull all your muscles in as hard as you can  belly to spine, as you breathe out, then relax them, breathe in and pop out your belly, then breathe out and and pull them in again, do that 10 times a day and try and keep them switched on, pulled in at about 70%.

10. Drink more water. You almost can’t drink too much. If you’ve got upset guts you are likely to be be dehydrated as well. 

Oh and if you have a flabby tummy because you had a child in there once, all the above still applies, and you can thank it even more for carrying LIFE for you. That pilates exercise really works. Do it. You need to remind your muscles where they need to be to hold everything in properly. It’s your job to rehabilitate your belly, I’ve done it and you can too. Read how I did here.

Tell me about your relationship with your tummy?

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