Eating Disorders

Do you struggle with an Eating Disorder? Anorexia, Bulimia or Diabulimia or Other Body Dysmorphia?

I know it can’t be easy living with this disease and maybe even still wanting to get slimmer.

I know there’s may be a part of you that is afraid to let this disease go. A part that may want you to get even slimmer still. But if you’re reading this there is another part somewhere deep inside, that knows this isn’t good for you.

It doesn’t feel good, and I know you’re not happy. If you suffer with anorexia or bulimia, I can help you. I would work in conjunction with your psychologist or medical doctor to help you change the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that create to the behaviour of the disease.

The way you see your body right now is kind of like looking through a distorted mirror. Your beliefs, emotions and perceptions about your body actually distort the you that you see when you look at yourself. Very often the symptoms of these diseases are related to striving for perfection and control. Often times it will be the reaction to some part of your life that you feel you have no control over. Though this is just a generalisation from my practice and I would work with you to discover what are the underlying causes that are driving your behaviours. When you begin to shift and release the distortions about your body, your life and food, then you can begin to  change how you behave and start to nourish your body.

My website mostly talks about weight loss as that is the majority of my clientele, however being overweight or underweight are both problems that start in the mind, and have to do with a lack of self-worth, negative emotions, disempowering beliefs and stuck trauma from the past. I am an expert in helping women let go of these disempowering patterns and coaching them to create new beliefs and paradigms that support self-love, nourishment, life balance and happiness.

I currently work with women and girls with eating disorders through private consultations only.

Contact me directly to find out how I can help you.

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My Mind Coach
Director & Expert Health Coach
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