Meta-Coaching & Life Coaching

Top athletes, CEO’s, celebrities and sports stars have coaches. And they’re at the top of their game. Interesting huh?

So, do people just get to have coaches once they get to the top? Or do their coaches help them to get to the top? In my experience it’s the latter.

A great coach helps you to get past your own limitations and blind spots and bring out the best in you. Sometimes even more than you thought you were capable of.

I am trained as an Associate Certified Meta Coach. Meta-Coaching is the most advanced and rigorous form of Life Coach training in the world. Our own certification standards far exceed the International Coach Federation training standards. When you are looking for a life coach, you want to make sure you get a Meta-Coach.

Meta-Coaching is one of the skills that helps me to get you the results you want. I specialise in helping women overcome their inner obstacles and reach their ideal weight, however weight, emotional eating and body image aren’t the only things we talk about. I help my clients in every aspect of their life that they would like help with, and often when we deal with one problem, sometimes other problems spontaneously disappear. That’s because with Meta-Coaching, I get right down to the very core. I help you get rid of the problems right down to their roots.

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