Suffering with Depression

Do you suffer from Depression?

Are you inside the slippery black hole and can’t get out? Or do you feel that cloud over and around you sapping the joy out of every situation?

Depression is a serious illness that many people suffer from. I don’t have to tell you that, you already know.

If you’re suffering with Depression and are overweight then you probably realise just how intertwined those two problems are.

The truth is, no amount of food is going to fill that hole inside you. What you may not realise is that both the depression and being overweight or obese are just symptoms of a deeper cause. The cause of both those illnesses and diseases is distorted thinking and feeling.

You have distorted maps, ideas, beliefs  and feelings about the world and yourself that cause you to feel and act this way.

Depression is a mental illness, and obesity and being overweight are problems that starts in your mind.

The good news is, there are tools and techniques that can help you to shift, change and realign your mental maps so that they help you navigate your way through the world.  Tools and techniques that you may have never heard of but that have had amazing success with both these illnesses.

If you suffer from depression and are overweight then you need to shift your mind and let go of the emotional and mental baggage to make a lasting change.

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You may be surprised as you read it and notice that The 7 step system for changing your mind and giving you more weight loss motivation will also begin to shift your depression, it works because it deals with the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.



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